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The Trail of His Fingertips [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Naoya Hanamura, who works at a major manufacturer, hears that his crush and senior colleague, Sai, is engaged! Just when he's wallowing in heartbreak, Naoya's client, esteemed designer Shuji Takase, appears before him, enamored by Naoya's talent. One thing leads to another, and Shuji steals both Naoya's heart and his body. Naoya is then accepted into Shuji's design studio, where he finds himself becoming attracted to the ill-mannered, bossy and egotistical Shuji. But rumor has it his boss isn't the type to fall in love, and he can't seem to close the distance between them......
Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


The Nature of Love Comic

The cool and beautiful Tomoaki Kayama works for a major corporation. When his hard-working, reliable subordinate, Keiichi Saiki, falls ill, Tomoaki's surprised to find the usually smart and handsome Keiichi completely disheveled. What happens later that night changes their relationship forever. Tomoaki always keeps to himself to protect his feelings, but Keiichi is so devoted, he begins to think...... that maybe he can let his guard down with him...

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