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Turn Up The World [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Yuu is a bandsman who, despite being in the music scene, can't handle women and has never gotten laid. One day, on the way home from a concert, he encounters a suspicious man named Keita Kawabata. Keita instantly takes a liking to Yuu and offers to sleep with him to show him how to overcome his inexperience. But, it doesn't end there. Before Yuu knows it, he finds himself on his back!?


I'm In Love With My So-Called Brother! Comic

Back in the day, brothers Naoki and Shio were super close. However, once Naoki discovers they aren't related by blood, he begins to distance himself. While Naoki acts bothered, Shio keeps loving him just the same... but the news isn't easy to shake off.


Please Eat This by the End of the Day. Comic

AuthorTei Hidou

Takayasu's been the ultimate bully victim since he was a kid. His latest bully is the smiling, two-faced Shinichiro, who's such a natural at cruelty, Takayasu doesn't stand a chance. If mocking, tricking, and criticizing Takayasu weren't enough, the bullying escalates into... relishing his body! Will Takayasu's dream of finding a nice boyfriend ever come true??


I Just Wanna Hide My Pink Little Things! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Sae is a college student who, for his own reasons, likes to wear bras. One day at the laundromat, he meets a mysterious man.
At first, Sae has his guard up with the man, who seems to know a little too much about bras, but after a while, Sae learns that Akihiro Togyoku is a designer for Sunline, a brand of men's bras.
The two have started getting close when Akihiro tells Sae he knows a special way to desensitize Sae's "pink little things"...!!


Fated Attraction Comic

Kaoru has a special gift. He can see "the red string of fate" and cut it, too. In fact, that's his line of business. Unfortunately, because of this, he himself has no red string.
Knowing that destiny will never attach him to anyone, he detaches himself from any chance of true love. That's why when his client Hara professes his love for Kaoru, he has no choice but to push him away.
Hara doesn't give up, though, and Kaoru finally gives in to his love. Wanting to trust Hara's love for him, Kaoru decides to be with him... yet he still can't help but worry about the red string of fate on Hara's pinky...


The Dirty Gentleman And His Dress-up Boy Toy [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Boy toy Haruomi Hina isn't happy with his regular client Shoichi Furuya.
Despite claiming his dream is for someone to make him breakfast every morning in nothing but an apron and garters, Shoichi has such niche tastes, he shows no interest in Haruomi's body!!
With wounded pride, Haruomi tries all kinds of tricks to get Shoichi to desire him, but day after day, he fails... But, one day, Haruomi is pushed over by a half-asleep Shoichi, and realizes he's fallen for the mature man's charms...


#PretendYaoi Comic

What is #PretendYaoi?
It's a fad where two guys get together and put flirtatious pictures on the internet to see how much attention from women they get.
It's mostly just pretense, but sometimes the guys are actually a couple...
The founders of the movement are the highly popular couple Ryo and Mamoru, who are Goro's biggest heroes.

Goro is introverted, but is also bursting with self-esteem. He has started doing pretend yaoi and is now looking for a partner!
One day, his popular classmate comes out of nowhere and announces he wants to be his partner!


Mitsuru The Provider Stops Providing [Plus Digital-Only Bonus Page] Comic Hot

AuthorSusu Katoh

Mitsuru is a giver. When Shiro, in tatters and collapsed in the middle of the road, calls out to him, he can't help but intervene.
Shiro is penniless, but like Mitsuru, he's a giver in his own right. Mitsuru provides him with food, and, sensing that their encounter is fate, allows him to stay the night at his place.
Mitsuru soon realizes he's outmatched when it comes to the super-popular Shiro!

Receiving is a show of love, right!?


A Gap Can Only Be So Wide [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Kazuma is a college student and Taira's boyfriend. Though he loves Taira, he is reluctant to take their relationship beyond kissing...
When Taira grows tired of waiting, he decides to actively involve himself in Kazuma's development. But then...!?
"I want to touch you..."


Little Bird, Want To Fall In Love? Comic Hot

In love with their respective brothers, high school students Yoh and Tatsuki pretend to date. Their plan is to make each other's brother jealous... until one day, the act starts to become real. Now that Tatsuki is starting to think Yoh's purity is cute, he absentmindedly kisses him! He's all in and offers to teach Yoh the ins and outs of steamy kisses. The little bird is more than willing to accept.


Stringing You Along Comic

Kaoru Kamisawa doesn't have your run-of-the-mill job. He makes his living by cutting ties for people by literally cutting the invisible string that connects them to each other. One day, he meets Hara, who comes to him in desparation to get a woman to stop stalking him. Hara is a little skeptical at first, but gradually starts having feelings for Kaoru. But, Kaoru knows it won't last. His special gift also robs him of his own "red string of fate" that connects a person to the partner they're destined for. Kaoru tries to keep Hara away, but can he...?


Mammal, Hominid Comic


Eiji is a guy who loves animals so much he will spend his entire paycheck to celebrate their birthdays. Today, he is as broke as always! He is also constantly frustrated, muttering he wants to go at it too while watching two lions copulate. But then, he wakes up in bed with his straight-laced co-worker Mitsuru, doing it with another guy for the first time...!?


Alice Has My Brother In His Sights Comic

Yusei's a college student who dotes way too much on his younger sister Miyako!!
One day, he meets Arisu, a friendly, handsome young man who's close to his sister. Thinking Arisu was a phony, Yusei's surprised when they go out for drinks and find they get along. The next thing he knows, though, they're in a hotel room together...
Arisu suddenly transforms into a black-hearted hottie!!
Arisu gets Yusei off, then takes pictures to use as blackmail!

He won't show Miyako, so long as Yusei becomes his boyfriend...


Etiquette of a Carnivore Comic

"You think I need you to cheer me up?"
Ando can't stand his upperclassman Mizusawa. But one day, Mizusawa learns of his older twin brother's hidden desires. How will the two get along after being united by this secret?
Includes an extra story of the older brother, Ryoji!! It's a collection of stellar short stories.


Is it all Inevitable? [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Social norms, what his parents think... All those expectations he didn't care for as a kid now bother him to no end...
Shinichi spends most of his days dealing with his mom trying to put him in an arranged marriage, and when he goes to an all guys' bar for the first time in a while, he bumps into his subordinate, Ataru.
In comparison to Ataru, who's happy because he believes it's destiny that they learn about each other in this way, what does Shinichi do about his conflicted emotions...?

Includes a digital-exclusive newly published story (two pages) at the end!!


A Friendship Gone Too Far [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


"I never knew doing it with a guy could feel so good..."
When two of his close friends come out as a couple, Yoshi starts wondering what it's like to make love to another guy. When he starts searching online for a partner to experiment with, his friend Kan gets worried, and offers himself up instead!
Also included in this volume is "Be Mine," a mature romance about Ryu and Haru, the best friends of Yoshi and Kan.
Includes a 12-page ultra-sweet bonus story for the digital edition only!!


On Love and Impatience Comic

"Seeing what it's like to fall for you wouldn't be so bad."

Yajima usually only goes for older men. One day, though, he meets the younger Kazumi. His not being Yajima's type doesn't stop them from sharing an unforgettable night of passion. After that, Yajima can't help wanting to make things more intense...


Man of Destiny Comic

AuthorMiu Otsuki

Romeo, a cafe owner, is a real ladies man. But, when he goes to a bar where men find other men, he falls in love at first sight with Asahiko. That night, they give into their carnal desires and find out that they're the perfect match in bed! But, it seems Asahiko has a dirty secret...


Junior's Got Attitude [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic


Yui's younger friend Mikki always seems to turn up at the same school as him. They've been together all through middle school, high school, and college. Mikki's got an attitude, but deep down, it seems he's in love with Yui... Yui's always felt superior to Mikki, but one day, he takes his provocation a little too far...!


Trouble with My Pushy Boyfriend [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

One day, Taichi wakes up with a terrible pain in his rear end. It turns out he might have slept with his friend Jin after getting drunk the night before! But, Jin's acting as if nothing happened. Frustrated and determined to find out what really went down, Taichi decides to make the first move!

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