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Screen [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Kazuo Nonomiya and Motoki Natsume, a handsome actor, have been living together for six years after eloping from their hometown. In contrast to Kazuo, who's still severely head over heels for his lover, Motoki's become cold and distant of late. One day, Kazuo's happy to hear that Motoki's made it to the final audition for a film by his favorite director, but Motoki starts to act even more strangely. There seems to be a rift growing between them. Are they stuck in a rut? Or is this some other challenge they have to overcome? When Motoki's rival actor, Ayumu, enters the mix, things take an unexpected turn...!! This is storyteller Camp Murakami's first and epic contribution to the Qpa collection!!
Includes four digital-only pages.

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