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Dark Intentions Comic


At the moment, Julia is the sighted guide for investment company chairman Royce, who lost his eyesight in an accident. But he's fired six assistants in just five weeks, and she wonders how long she'll last with this difficult man. Julia has a debt with him she wishes to repay by bringing light back into his life. Her passion and enthusiasm soon melt his icy heart, yet Julia is torn between her past and her mission to help him. Can this love, locked in darkness, ever blossom?



Peachy's Proposal Comic


Peachy had been saving herself for love, but after a near-death experience she decided not to hold back any longer. And if she was going to lose her virginity, Peachy felt that there was only one man she could give it to-Luc Devereaux, a devilishly handsome apartment building owner and her neighbor. Luc was hesitant to accept Peachy's proposal because he didn't want her to have any regrets. Luc tries to delay the event for as long as he can in order to give Peachy time to rethink her decision, but he is finding it more and more difficult not to follow through with her proposal...


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