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Devilish Voice [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Wataru, who tends to get teased by others, is dating Norihisa, the most popular up-and-coming voice actor. Norihisa sometimes gets in the way of Wataru's attempts to perfect his devilish charms for a new role, and the two often bicker, but they enjoy their sweet life together. But one day, Norihisa suddenly starts avoiding him...! The fourth installment of the "Voice" series!


Teasing Voice Comic

Newbie voice actor Inaba, waiting for his time to shine, is ecstatic about being able to work with his idol, the extremely talented and successful Mizushima. But Mizushima, who Inaba looked up to as a senior voice actor, was hiding a sinister personality behind that friendly smile! Who would have guessed that he took pleasure in making other people cry...!?


Stand-Offish Voice Comic

Kazumi Kawasaki, a hot voice actor vastly popular for his sadistic roles, is troubled over his inability to openly express his feelings. Even though he's worried his boyfriend and comedian Takafumi might be having an affair, he can't put it into words...! A collection of love stories from the popular "voice" series.


Worship My Voice Comic Hot

Rookie voice actor Wataru Miyahara is sick and tired of top up-and-coming voice actor Norihisa Nagase's advances. Norihisa, over-confident due to his nice voice, good looks, and acting skills, approaches Wataru whenever they record together! To make matters worse, the two of them are going to work together on a yaoi drama CD...! A must-read for those into sexy voices! In addition to the larger-than-life love story about two voice actors, there's also the "Stand-offish Voice" comic about Wataru's voice actor companion. Also includes a previously unpublished work, where Wataru and Norihisa listen to the finished yaoi CD!

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