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The Blue-collar Farmer and the Flat Maiden -You're Kidding, Right? In the Greenhouse...!?- [Total ch. 10] Completed Comic Popular

Akari Hoshino works at a cake shop and has been dating a famous patissier for three years. Despite being together for so long, their relationship is still pure. Determined to take the next step, she marches over to her boyfriend's room... only to find him cheating on her. To get over him, Akari decides to move north to Hokkaido. However, during her journey, she starts to feel cold. Unable to fend against the dropping temperature, she takes shelter in a plastic greenhouse, where she's immediately mistaken for a criminal.
With no money and down on her luck, Akari finds herself on a farm, surrounded by three handsome brothers. Will she finally find love?


All Exposed Erotic Model -An Artist's Indecent Brushwork- Comic


"Don't stir it around in there...!" He came to work as a nude model but instead has his behind loosened with brushes and oil and becomes an artist's artwork (toy)!? Tsubame decides to work as a nude model for the famous artist Shirogane. Seeing Tsubame, nervous from being completely naked, the artist asks him to masturbate!! Shirogane lays his hands on Tsubame and puts his hard thing into his mouth!! Tsubame is made to come over and over for the sake of art. Is this really a nude model's job!?

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