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Mind Hacker -Inescapable Desire- (Current ch. 3) Comic


"You are now my sex slave." A computer virus that can control humans has been invented that spreads to anyone who looks at the screens we see in our everyday lives. Those who look at affected monitors show a variety of symptoms. Some feel physically sick, while others develop an insatiable sex drive. This is the tale of one particular female victim. The developer of the virus spends a long time slowly hypnotising her until she's under a deep spell. Rei is a junior member at her company who is secretly in love with her. He develops a vaccine and tries to save her, but what's going to happen when his younger brother Reo sets a new plan into motion!?


Hospitality Overload -Do Not Open- Comic

A normal salaryman living a mundane life with his family suddenly saves a returning customer named Otoya from a stalker. She says she wants to thank him, so she invites him to her establishment... but then goes a little too far in showing her appreciation!!


Innocent Love - A Beginner in Love & a Handsome Prince (Current ch. 3) Comic


"Get involved with the star you're assigned to, and you're fired." After 43 interviews, Wakana finally get her dream job as a manager for a major talent agency. She dreams of getting to know people as a manager... finally meeting a hot guy, and then... This should have been the first step towards her goal, but... newly-hired managers start out in the AV department. "...The Animal Video department? What's that?" Wakana's thoughts come to a halt. The conversation goes on, and finally the star she'll be taking charge of is introduced. It's that handsome prince who made her cum for the first time.


It's More Than Pleasure with the One I Love Comic

"Make me cum with your boobs." Maybe Yuuma doesn't like me... he just likes my boobs? Every day, Yuuma seems completely wrapped up in Manami's big boobs, which makes her more and more nervous with every passing day... Then one day, she goes to a familiar bar and meets someone and something unbelievable happens to Manami's chest...! Can Yuuma handle the shocking transformation?!


Suddenly Living Together -Morals in Disorder- (Current ch. 3) Comic

I decided to use my entering university as a chance to find a new place to live. But as I searched and failed to find a good new living space... I suddenly discovered a cheap place in really good condition! I decided to apply for it, which means that I'm required to keep an eye on it for one week. No going outside, no outside contact... Then, all of a sudden, a boy comes to live there as well! What's going on?!


Who Do I Love -My Step-Brother or My Boyfriend!?- (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorMoemi Nase

A love triangle between my step-brother, my boyfriend and me! Her mom got remarried and then her step-brother came to live with them. Which should be fine but he seems to be always watching over our heroine. And to make matters worse whenever she worries the least little bit about her step-brother her boyfriend gets angry! A heart-pounding soccer-filled love comedy!


Hot Voice -Vocal Sex with a Handsome Voice Actor- Comic


"Show me more of your face in pleasure..." Whispering into my ear like that makes me so wet down there... Seika is a proud, normal office lady with a cute and great singing voice. One day, she meets a handsome man who happens to be a voice actor! A handsome, bespectacled voice actor... He's too good to be true!! Hearing him talk dirty in that erotic voice and being rubbed down there by his fingers is enough to make me cum...! Seika struggles to catch handsome voice-actor Yuto's attention. And in order to be with him, Seika becomes a voice actress herself.


Sex Buddy Graduation -Wet Body, Wet Mind- (Current ch. 3) Comic

Today is the day Mirai will confirm her boyfriend's (Kiichi) feelings for her. But the words that come out of his mouth are, "We're sex buddies..." Mirai can only weep upon hearing such words from a man she thought was her boyfriend. However, despite Kiichi nonchalantly asking, "What's wrong with being sex buddies?" Mirai finds out about his hidden secret...


The Sweet Trap of Long-Distance Love - The Targeted Time - Comic

AuthorNao Touma

Mio's in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Keigo, but she gets drunk at a mixer and ends up in bed with a man she just met. Mio gets even lonelier and heads off to visit Keigo, but when she does she runs into the man from the party again...


The Way Adults Play -A Promise with a Presumptuous President- Comic

"I'll work my hardest!" Suddenly, a prostitute like myself became the personal secretary for the president of a massive corporation. Naturally, most of my duties concern nightly escapades, but President Fujiwara is quite the gentleman. In order to be perform to the highest of secretarial standards, I've poured heart and soul into my schooling and classes. One day, Mr. Fujiwara asked me if he could call me by name... like lovers do. When he gently called me "Kai-san," I felt like I was knocked over from shock. That night, Kai-san spoke of her sad past in her sleep..."Don't worry, I'm here with you now..."


Hitchhiking for Pleasure -Being Rode Against My Will- Comic

Has hitchhiking ever been a safe thing to do? "This is so embarrassing to wear" Yuri says after being agressively roped into taking a part-time job at a ski resort. To make matters worse, Yuri has no money and has no choice but to hitchhike her way to the resort. Walking along on a road with barely any traffic, she gets into the first car that stops, which just happens to be driven by a hot guy. She should have known that there was no way she'd be able to safely hitchhike as a young woman alone. When her ride asks her to put on a quite revealing outfit and then proceeds to take advantage of her body, what is she to do?


A Tale of S & M - Forcibly Aroused - My Two Faces Comic

AuthorRio Fukuda

By day, Ryoko is just your average office worker. However, at night she transforms herself into a queen of the night at her part-time job. Her double-life is going just fine until the night the boss' son comes to her club. He is a man who looks down on everyone but himself and Ryoko becomes determined to knock his pride down a notch or two and lure him into her world by putting on a show more amazing than she's ever done before. However her plan backfires and although his attention is captured it's because he knows who she truly is and her true nature is exposed to him with just one touch. "You're really just a masochist who loves being teased" With a few simple words Ryoko is wet and willing to be taught by him.


Forced Perversion: Breaking Her In -How Devilish Boys Make Love- Comic

"Spread your legs, my lady." Manako, a lady who knows nothing of the world, has fallen in love for the first time. When that man, Kouki, almost attacks her she rebuffs him, afterwards hearing nothing from him. When she remember how he touched her then, Manako's body gets hot and she does something unspeakable. But that's not enough for Manako, and in the man's place she uses her butler, Kurosaki, who has looked after her since she was young, to help her masturbate. This is so wrong! She thinks back on that man while being "serviced" by the butler.


A Melting Seduction -Capturing Her Sexual and Emotional Body- Comic


Rino is a plain, weak-willed girl who gets saved from an attack by a cameraman named Souta. She wants to thank him, so she asks him to let her help him out with his work. In the end, she becomes one of his models! She has such little confidence in herself that she can't hide her hesitation, while Souta aims the camera at her and says, "I won't let you go home until the shoot is finished." And so, as he snaps the camera, Rino's feelings gradually blossom...


Am I a Hostess? -A Girl with a Fetish for Gay Comics Is Suddenly Taken Away.- Comic

Up until a few minutes ago, I was a normal loser otaku girl who only loved 2D men. Then, all of a sudden, a hot man in glasses turned me into a hostess! Sakura is an otaku girl who is especially weak toward men in glasses, and has grown into quite the adult otaku. She's never had any experience in love, has never even been kissed, and is of course a virgin. Every day, she lives her life out lazily, until the uncle that's raised her in place of her lost parents brings home a hot guy named Akira. When he has glasses on, he's totally her type... But then he says "I'm going to take you as payment for what I'm owed!" and pushes her into a car.

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