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Undercover Sheik Comic


As soon as she arrived in the Middle East to work as a doctor, Sadie was taken by thieves into the desert. Just as she was about to be executed due to a failed ransom demand, she hears a man's voice suddenly say that he'll take her. A recent addition to the tribe of bandits, Nasir is a beautiful man who commands the fear of others at a glance. Sadie trembles at the thought of having to cater to his whims, but then he whispers in her ear, telling that what he really wants is to help her. Just who is this man?



Sheik Seduction Comic


While visiting the Middle Eastern country of Beharrain, Sara's coworker is killed in an ambush by an unknown group of people. Sara and Tariq, who has a handsome face and piercing eyes, survive the ordeal. They escape to an oasis and spend the night together. He risked his life to save hers and she can't help but be attracted by his bravery. However, as time passes, she begins to realize that she's been swept into a plot to steal the throne and she must ask herself who Tariq really is...


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