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A Love That Won't Float Away [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Kobayashi is an obsessive man with a determined spirit, and clashes with his superiors at his job. He expresses his dark woes to his former coworker, Ishihara, whose calm personality contrasts greatly with his own. What's more, after some speculation about Ishihara, Kobayashi tries to lead him into a physical relationship, but things don't exactly go as he planned. Apart from a title romance that runs deeper than mere beauty, this volume contains warm and slightly heart-wrenching romantic tales centering around a small town "god" with mysterious powers, and the romantic struggle between an uncle and his nephew as they step into the world of physical love!!
Includes two digital-only pages.


Our Secret Summer Romance Comic

A new transfer student arrives at a rural high school. His name is Minato Murasame, and he's from the city. Just one glance, and it's obvious he's kind of girly. Kandachi is assigned by the teacher to look after Murasame. He soon discovers that the new kid has a secret he can't share with anyone, and that it's not so different from his own... As Kandachi and Murasame open up to each other, the two of them begin to share a tender summer secret. A story of heartwarming secret love in the midst of turbulent adolescence.


Tie Me, Untangle Me, Kiss Me Comic

Tsukasa, who owns a tailor shop in a downtown shopping arcade, is reunited with his middle school friend Ren under the worst possible circumstances. Ren has joined the mob, who plan to demolish and redevelop the entire shopping arcade! To protect the neighborhood where he was raised, Tsukasa tries to persuade Ren to change his mind... But Ren says his goal is to "make Tsukasa's dream come true." Emi Mitsuki pours her heart into this tale of made-to-order love.


Brothers with Benefits [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Yuuma Kuroki leads a normal life as a salesman at a bank. But, one night, he's taken into a hotel room by his favorite celebrity, Kanade Nikaido. "Please help me..." Kanade pushes Yuuma down onto the bed and mounts him... Yuuma's mother suddenly tells him she's remarrying. As if that weren't hard enough, his new dad is his boss! As he heads home from work surprised and confused, Yuuma encounters Kanade, who leads him to a hotel room... Later, his new dad introduces him to his new brother... who turns out to be Kanade! A complicated relationship commences between the two new brothers.


Where Love Goes [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Izumo is a part-time high school social studies teacher, and he has feelings for Muroto - a popular, handsome physics teacher. As the graduation ceremony for seniors draws close, Muroto takes refuge from his enthusiastic female students in Izumo's classroom. To Izumo, he says, "Please be my girlfriend!!" Also, it seems that Tomogashima, a student who's close to Izumo, likes Muroto as well...... The love triangle that revolves around a lighthouse's legend begins during spring break...
Plus! A bonus page is included exclusively for users who purchase this manga from Renta!


I'll Get the Key to Your Heart! Comic

He's average looking, of average intelligence, and even has the unfortunately average name of Tarou Suzuki. Our extremely mediocre protagonist has never thought very highly of himself. Then one day, a handsome and very drunk man suddenly appears at his apartment! Looking at Tarou's face, he bursts into tears. "You look just like my ex-girlfriend!" he says as he tries to kiss Tarou! Upon starting his new job a couple of days later, who should appear but the same handsome man! Will meeting this man named Ryouta Shiga change Tarou's life?

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