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Black Eagle in the Sahara Comic

On the outskirts of a faraway desert oasis, there once lived a charming young slave trader, known throughout the land as "Black Eagle". One day, one of Black Eagle's former slaves, Gran, captures him and has him taken to Alkil, a skilled animal trainer. Alkil's semen contains an aphrodisiac that makes any human obedient to him. Black Eagle was to train under Alkil until he became an obedient plaything for Gran. However, Black Eagle refuses to yield, and Alkil starts to view this tenacious slave trader as someone special...


My Lover Is a Ghost Boy Comic

Yugo's terrified of ghosts, and Ritsuya's a natural medium, but they're so in love, they're over the moon. Unfortunately, whatever they do, the ghosts haunting Ritsuya won't leave them alone. It's hard to find a chance to get intimate... but then, a pervert ghost appears, and he's after Ritsuya...! A ghost for a rival!? The cover story may be cute, but the rest of the seven short stories in this book are pure smut!


First Come, First Served [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Koki Suzuhara is a college student who is still hasn't slept with anyone because he's too scared to date girls. He's sobbing at a bar after getting jilted again when a stranger tells him that he'll introduce him to a girl. He's light on his feet as he goes to a designated room... and who does he see smiling wickedly with a rope in hand but Masumi Shiina, the stranger he met at the bar!! "You'll still be taught the beginner's course... by me." From that day onward, the stimulating lessons get underway...!! And so begin the all-out tactics of love with a pushy, yet irresistible older man! Don't miss this explosion of heavy romance.
Includes two digital-only pages.


Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

This is the other realm's business district. Humans reborn as angels and demons get caught up in love stories that span their past and present lives. Dead after a full night in bed together, coworkers Chihiro Kuroishi and Kei Hoshiuchi are into the other realm as a demon and angel. Kei is up on cloud nine, but Chihiro wonders if the angel is using him as a stand-in for women... A hot and cold love story between a cheating angel and a charming demon!
Kenji Arima, an angel with a grudge against demons, is ordered to assist the greenhouse caretaker, Yukichika Saeki... an incubus! Once Kenji learns the tragic story behind Yukichika's scarred face, he agrees to help quell Yukichika's lunar cravings... A sweet love story between a hard-working angel and a demon afraid of romance.
There are also fifteen bonus pages recounting the days before Chihiro and Kei's passing from Kei's point of view.
Includes four digital-only pages.


Artificial Boyfriend -Grinding Forbidden Human Alchemy- Comic


Kazuyoshi has a dream - to get a "cute, obedient little brother who will do everything I say!" Then, at his part-time job he finds a "Make-your-own-boyfriend kit!" Apparently, it's possible to use a sweets-making system to make the ideal boyfriend! But since he wants a little brother, not a boyfriend, he just tries it out as a test... and ends up with a huge, UNcute man in his room! The man says "I'm your little brother, Kouji." Then he grins confidently at Kazuyoshi and grabs his crotch! This isn't a little brother!! But Kouji hides an impotant secret... get ready to find out in this mysterious, sexy brother cohabitation story!

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