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Nocturnal Procession of the Hundred Specters [Total ch. 10] Completed Comic


Kio Hadano was left without a single relative when his grandmother passed away. In despair that he's being urged to leave the house he lived in with his grandmother, Kio comes across a mummified house lizard. Then, without warning, it transforms into a huge snake! The snake turns out to be Anraku, a self-proclaimed "specter." Anraku speaks about his debt to Kio's grandmother and transforms once more into a human, but... He's tall with long hair, and completely naked...! Anraku is beautiful but has an odd personality, and he tells Kio to leave the living arrangements to him. Kio is bewildered, but soon finds himself drawn to Anraku's strange charms. A specter and a human; the relationship between these two who should never have met becomes known to others, and they are forced to make the ultimate decision...


My Master Is a Wolfish Doctor [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Yuuri Kirihara is a healthy high school boy who works in drag at a maid cafe managed by his sister, and he has a crush on one of his co-workers. One day, a mysterious, handsome man comes to the cafe and gets a little too close, but he turns out to be... the school doctor! Doc always seemed so nice, but now he's ready to use Yuuri's secret job at the maid cafe to blackmail him into an escalating spiral of sadistic desire!! "I'm straight, so why am I enjoying this so much...!?"

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