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Bending for the Beauty -I Want to Give You Everything- [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


People tend to avoid college student Hayato due to his rugged, scary appearance. But, his new friend Ryo happens to be the most handsome guy on campus, famously known as the "prince." Ryo seems pretentious on the surface, but he turns out to be friendly and easy to talk to. Though, it seems he has trouble respecting boundaries... When Hayato invites him over, Ryo warns Hayato not to let strange men in his home, pushing him down and kissing him! As their tongues intertwine, Hayato finds his friend impossible to resist. One thing leads to another, and soon Ryo's cute face is stuffed full of Hayato's bulging junk...! "Who cares if I'm straight? There's a prince in front of me and I just have to have him!!"

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