The End of Summer Big Event 2020

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Love for the Lost Souls [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

Yuichi Naka and Ryo Shimizu were attacker and setter on the college volleyball team; they were the perfect pair. After an injury stops him from playing, Yuichi can't stand watching Ryo spike a ball another guy set, and quits without saying goodbye. Swallowing his regret, Yuichi goes on to get a normal office job after graduating. One day, the two cross paths again, and Ryo's become a professional volleyball player. He's still the same friendly and pushy Ryo, and quickly worms his way into Yuichi's life. While Yuichi's a little hesitant at first, he can't deny his growing attraction. But, when he finds out Ryo is lying, Ryo says it's all Yuichi's fault...

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