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Risky Housemates [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"Looks like I need to punish my rule-breaking houseguest." Suddenly, Mr. Sakurai pulls Satsuki close and kisses her lips. As their tongues tangle together, Mr. Sakurai's fingers creep down to a place Satsuki has never let anyone touch before...... Satsuki lost both her parents when she was very young. Almost immediately after her grandfather passes away, her apartment catches fire, leaving her homeless. "Go to these people if you're ever in need." Following the words of her grandfather, she goes to the home of Norimichi Sakurai, only to be greeted by a stubbled, scruffy-haired, foul-mouthed, scary man......! His only rule is that she not enter a certain room. Satsuki begins her new life with the secretive Mr. Sakurai, only to immediately break his only rule...!!


Secret Hospitality at the Steamy Inn - The Hunky Guy and Naughty Me - [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"Ma'am... are you wild?" Servicing guests with her mouth and letting them touch her private parts... Isn't this the wrong type of customer service for the young proprietress to be offering? "Juice is just flowing from her hole. She's so slippery." Responding to the demands of her guests, performing with her mouth and having sex... But this is the only way to keep them coming... isn't it? After running "Sawatari," an established hot-springs inn, for many years, Moeko's mother falls ill. Now it's up to her to keep the business going. With help from Mr. Tomioka, a business consultant, she vows to work through the tough financial situation and bring the inn back to life, but the going certainly isn't smooth! She bites her lip and tries to endure the erotic demands from her guests so they'll be happy... But wait... She never meant to go that far......!!


When He Embraced Me... [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"For so long... I've had a crush on you." Sanae has a serendipitous reunion at the office with a younger student from her high school, Fumiaki, who was boyishly cute then, but is now a fully-grown, remarkably tall, handsome man. Unaware of his feelings, I wander aimlessly at work - constantly tripping over myself - only to have coworkers calling me incompetent behind my back. After excusing ourselves from a welcoming party for new employees, he and I stumble our way into a hotel and wind up crossing the line between coworkers. He tenderly squeezes my breasts, quietly working his way down my body until I see him extending his tongue toward my... Memories of him as a boy turn into mysteries of him as a man... With our reunion sparking such a spontaneous relationship, I can only wonder where we'll go from here...


More Than a One-Night Stand? -Sweet Lessons from a Crafty Boss- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

One minute I'm drinking with a strange man, and the next, I'm making out with him passionately in a hotel bed... When he whispers, "You make some cute noises," I can't help begging for more... "I'm getting married." With those words, I was dumped by my cheating coworker-boyfriend. "You're a strong person, so you'll be fine on your own, right?" And I even had to go to his wedding! Maybe it's my strong personality and independence, but men have always told me I'm "not very cute," because I'm "too strong-willed." Well, I'd be a cute girl if I could!! One night, I happen to meet a hot guy while drowning my sorrows... But what I thought was a one-night stand spills over into my job...!


The Substitute Bride's Pre-Marital Taming [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"Do you always sound like this when you're washing someone?" Ren demands that he be washed while he plays with her pussy...... "That's what you're here to do, isn't it?" She should resist, but she obeys him, acting as a substitute for his fiancee, Keiko! Working part-time as a florist to help pay her family's debt, Mio didn't have time for any romance in her life. But... there was one guy she liked... It was a day just like any other until a young lady came to her and said, "I want you to fill in for me." The job was to be that guy's fiancee...... "I'm happy to substitute. I want to see him again." With fond memories, she agrees to the role, but he's different to how she remembers him; he's cold and unkind......

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