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The Beauty Next Door NEW Comic

Daichi, a college student from the country, can't adjust to life in the big city. But, something else is on his mind: Kikuchi, the beautiful man next door. Despite all the passionate nights Kikuchi spends in his room with strange men, Kikuchi's love life is much more painful than it looks... and Daichi has no idea he's about to be a part of it. Contains a big bonus chapter! This is a heartfelt romance starring a country boy in the city!


Ardent Love Control Comic

Haruma Kagetsu, grandson of the super wealthy Kagetsu family, and his bodyguard, Shoyo Kurehashi, are officially in love. However, the inseparable duo get split up...!! Haruma does his best to subdue his anxiety, but the beautiful bodyguard Glen makes a move! Can Shoyo and Haruma protect true love...? Includes a trip to an Arabian country!


I Shouldn't Like This Comic

Akio, who's not the friendliest high schooler, finds himself in the arms of another guy! The guy turns out to be Yukiya, an older friend from Akio's childhood who used to live nearby. Yukiya and Akio are now stepbrothers after their parents got remarried! This is a naughty love story with lots of previously unpublished material.


Devilish Voice [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Wataru, who tends to get teased by others, is dating Norihisa, the most popular up-and-coming voice actor. Norihisa sometimes gets in the way of Wataru's attempts to perfect his devilish charms for a new role, and the two often bicker, but they enjoy their sweet life together. But one day, Norihisa suddenly starts avoiding him...! The fourth installment of the "Voice" series!


How Did I Fall in Love With You!? Comic

AuthorRie Honjoh

Swim team star Masaru Shiraoka and student council member Haruto Onuki get along like oil and water, but an unexpected encounter in the locker room results in the two of them seeing each other in a very different light... Just where is the path of these former enemies gonna lead...!? This is a romantic high school comedy featuring an unlikely couple.


The Arrogant Prince and Our Secret Love Comic

Akito Kurehashi's got a small frame and baby face, but his skills as a bodyguard are top notch. Muzaffarid, crown prince of an Arabian oil-producing country, sets his hawk-like eyes on him! He doesn't want his body and heart stirred up by such an arrogant prince, and yet...!


Gentle Melancholy Comic

An author by trade, Nao is a man with a strange air about him. Every day, he visits the florist where college student Arata is working part-time, and he buys a single flower. One day, Nao offers Arata a job: "Would you like... to be my lover?" This is a love story between a student and a mysterious author.


Bon Appetit, My Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Chef Hiroto finds 19-year-old Haru on the streets and brings him back to live at the apartment complex he manages. After capturing Haru's heart through filling his belly, he's stunned when he receives a sudden kiss... This is a story about love blossoming between two couples who live in the same communal space.


Teasing Voice Comic

Newbie voice actor Inaba, waiting for his time to shine, is ecstatic about being able to work with his idol, the extremely talented and successful Mizushima. But Mizushima, who Inaba looked up to as a senior voice actor, was hiding a sinister personality behind that friendly smile! Who would have guessed that he took pleasure in making other people cry...!?


Train Him Top to Bottom [Plus Bonus Page] Comic Hot

Takashi prides himself on being a "top," and he's in love with a close friend. Right when his friend is lying vulnerable before him... his other friend Kotaro makes a move on Takashi himself! Why does it feel so damn good in Kotaro's arms...!? A wannabe-top gets trained to be a bottom in this romantic comedy full of desperate crushes and hot, steamy action! Comes with bonus content for both the print and digital versions!


Lovers Program Comic Hot

Inexeperienced Haruma has accepted his feelings for his teasing bodyguard, Shoyo. He's fixated on their relationship, though, and toyed with to no end! Bodyguard-slash-boyfriend Shoyo and innocent Haruma become one emotionally and physically for the first time!!


How Can I Find Love When I've Still Got My V-Card!? [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

"Wanna be friends with benefits?" Two guys with the same last name were labeled by their classmates as the "cool one" and the "nerd." After discovering they share the same secret, the innocent Kazunari and experienced Hayato turn to each other for understanding and friendship. But, one day, Hayato asks Kazunari a startling question... Kazunari wants to prioritize friendship over desire, but Hayato's struggling with growing feelings of attraction he's been trying to hide... and one of them will have to give in...! This is a story about two high-school boys exploring their sexuality!! Includes previously unpublished content.
Includes a digital-only bonus page and a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


Stand-Offish Voice Comic

Kazumi Kawasaki, a hot voice actor vastly popular for his sadistic roles, is troubled over his inability to openly express his feelings. Even though he's worried his boyfriend and comedian Takafumi might be having an affair, he can't put it into words...! A collection of love stories from the popular "voice" series.


Work Them Hard Comic Hot

Shinobu Nagatani's captain of a judo club that seems doomed to failure. But, he manages to get the club members to win the national championship by enticing them with a "reward." Unfortunately, that reward turns out to be his body...!! The captain's about to learn the joys of bottoming... while everyone watches!! A hot, steamy romantic comedy!


The Perfect Way to Train Him Comic

Shinobu Kasuga is good at his job, but needs something to relieve his stress. One night he finds Daisuke, who's like a big dog, and takes him home. Shinobu trains Daisuke to lick all over his body... But, the next day, he finds out they're working at the same place! Includes bonus story.


Jealousy Program Comic

Haruma's the naive grandson of the wealthy Kagetsu family. He's worried about his bodyguard, the handsome Shoyo Kurehashi. Ever since proclaiming the hottie be his bodyguard-slash-boyfriend, Haruma's been under siege every chance Shoyo gets...! Despite the constant teasing, Haruma realizes just how important Shoyo is to him the more he's protected. Will his stubborn emotions... finally subside!? With Haruma's sister and Shoyo's older brothers joining the mix, chaos abounds in this next installment of the "Program" series! Includes previously unpublished stories!


Taira the Bully Comic

(Oh, boy! This is gonna be fun!) Taira, the guy who bullied me all through elementary school, showed up at the acupuncture clinic where I work! Since it'd been more than ten years, he didn't recognize me and he even asked me out! Bwa ha ha... I'm gonna make him fall for me and then kick him to the curb! This is a comedy about love and revenge featuring a twisted hottie and the beautiful man he once teased! Also includes "Tomoyuki, Unlucky in Love," starring Taira's friend Tomoyuki, and some bonus manga!


Worship My Voice Comic Hot

Rookie voice actor Wataru Miyahara is sick and tired of top up-and-coming voice actor Norihisa Nagase's advances. Norihisa, over-confident due to his nice voice, good looks, and acting skills, approaches Wataru whenever they record together! To make matters worse, the two of them are going to work together on a yaoi drama CD...! A must-read for those into sexy voices! In addition to the larger-than-life love story about two voice actors, there's also the "Stand-offish Voice" comic about Wataru's voice actor companion. Also includes a previously unpublished work, where Wataru and Norihisa listen to the finished yaoi CD!


Master and Doggy Comic


Earnest college student Yuuji Uehara is head over heels for the cold, bespectacled Professor Tatsukawa!! But, no amount of fawning will win over his professor, who is a hardened misanthropist... "That's it! If I'm not human, he might like me!" When Yuuji appears before him in a dog costume, Professor Tatsukawa starts giving him orders. What kind of orders, exactly...!?


Love X Devil (Apprenticeship) -Three Wishes from a Devil-in-Training- [Plus Digital-Only Bonus and Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

To pass his last exam, devil apprentice Togo Nishizaki must seal a pact with reclusive college student Makoto Sugishita and grant him three wishes in exchange for his chastity and "essence." Don't miss the unexpected, electrifying happy ending and the previously unpublished bonus story!
Includes a digital-only bonus and a bonus page exclusive to Renta!

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