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Day-care Pick Up [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic Hot

There's one man Yura despises at the day care his nephew attends: Mr. Kaji, the super cold and unfriendly day-care teacher. He's nice to the kids, but he doesn't even smile for the parents and guardians. To make things worse, Yura is traumatized from a past relationship, and Mr. Kaji sees right through him. But then, one day, this teacher Yura can't stand protects him when Yura's ex is being a complete jerk... by pretending to be his boyfriend...!! This is a spin-off of "Dirty Daddy Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" about a romance between an unfriendly day-care teacher and an office worker. It comes with a new 36-page story that revolves around abstinence!! Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


Dirty Daddy Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Tatsumi vowed to never start a relationship with a dad. But, after meeting his junior colleague, Yuto (a sweet single dad), the idea of the three of them spending time together seems like something he might want. Tatsumi decides to break it off before he gets too attached. One night, he tries to hit on Yuto to drive him away, but it unexpectedly works! Yuto isn't just some sweet dad who wants nothing for himself! Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


My Lovely Doggy-Boy: Warm, Raw and Ready to Eat Comic


I need to help out Hoshino somehow... even just a little! And so, Kurume busies himself, putting on tea and making cute lunchboxes for Hoshino, the superior he loves. But as far as work goes, he only causes trouble... He finally sets up his own business, out of his desire to be of help... but waiting for him is an older guy, who's famous for loving men! Kurume loves Hoshino... Find out what happens to the love of this super-cute, faithful boy!


Bottoms up for Ex-Delinquents: M-My Senpai, From the Front and Back...! Comic


"I don't mind if Takuma-san holds me." Takuma, the former head of a motorbike gang, now operates a restaurant in town. Tetsu, a man who recently left the gang, eats at the restaurant every day, and promises Takuma to never fight again. But one day, Tetsu runs into a group of delinquents... and to keep his promise with Takuma, he is left with no choice but to take their beating. Seeing Tetsu bravely keep his word, Takuma helps and unexpectedly kisses him...! Enjoy the ferocity and wildness of these strong and rambunctious men!

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