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The Treasure of My Darling Child -The Latest Government Measures! Male Pregnancy Project- Comic


With the female population in Japan declining, a project for male pregnancy is under development. Meanwhile, Tetsuta, a researcher on the project, learns that his childhood friend Rin has been chosen as a test subject for the male pregnancy drug. He watches as insulting acts of rape in the name of research unfold before his eyes. Rin's lower body is exposed, and one man after another insert their lust into him. To save Rin from the hell which will continue until he gets pregnant, Tetsuta's solution is...!?


The Prince of 2-Chome -Even Straight Boys Call for the Heavenly Champagne- Comic


Komiya Tadashi wants to become the number one host. He does his best at every job, no matter how unpleasant, but he has one big weak point... He's really bad at sex. Because of that, his ranking is the lowest. One day, the owner of the club gives him directions for a secret plan. The plan is "The Special Instructions on Sex" from legendary host Hayato! Tadashi is reluctant at first, but he changes gradually. He rubs his ass up in an approach from himself, and Hayato's excellent technique has him screaming and coming endlessly! Tadashi is straight, but Hayato has his heart beating hard...!? It's a rocky road ahead for this love... What will happen!?

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