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An Egoistic Embrace Comic


My name is Nanami. I'm a high school student. On the way home from school, Nakayama, my friend since junior high, kisses me out of the blue! Unbelievable! Gross!! I wanted my first to be with my favorite teacher, Mr. Shimazaki...... But every time I take one step towards him, he takes one step back. I haven't even told him how I feel yet...... But when I heard that he's getting married next month, I......! "First Woman" is a sentimental story of a unrequited love, with its sequel, "Torch-Bearer's Song", told from Nakayama's point of view. Featuring other stories, such as "You Can't Hurry Love!", "Love Fool", and "Love Love Show", this is a collection of five delicately written pieces describing the thoughts and feelings of men and women caught in the tangles of love. Read this, and you'll want to fall in love, too!


No Strings Attached: Welcome to Strawberry M Comic


Every girl has desires they can't tell anybody about, because most men seek purity, innocence and virginity in a girl. They might deny it, but if a girl is too dominant, they get turned off. All they want is an inexperienced girl, right? That's why women can never tell men that they have sexual desires... And not just any desires: some even get aroused by fantasies in which they're violently assaulted. Their bodies crave a type of sex that they could never ask from a boyfriend... But there is one place, where such girls' secret desires can be fulfilled. Just for one night, they can enjoy the warmth of a man's skin with no strings attached...

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