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I Want to Train You and Break You -Black Butler's Sadistic Service- (Current ch. 2) Comic

"Let me begin your lessons for today, M'lady." Yume is the daughter of a prestigious family. She lives with her butler, Shiki, who teaches her languages, politics, economics, etiquette, and everything that she needs. At night, he teaches her the special lesson to prepare her body to accept men. Yume tries to understand this is all for her family, but she can't help but have special feelings for Shiki...


Animal Lust Office: 24 Hour Manditory Fusion with a Sadistic Boss Comic


"Ahh! ......Ooh......!" "Umph......! No! Not...... there......!" Tomo, a girl who's only redeamable attributes is her looks, is transfered to the "management" division. Tomo, oblivious to the situation she's put in agrees without a doubt. Little does she know, this division is the "sexual desire management" specializing in sex attendance! Furthermore, Tomo has been a virgin for the past 23 years! "There's no way a virgin like me can perform sex attendance" but her cry for help falls short, and she is forced into training with a hot hunk on her first day.......!! A sadistic elite employee, Aise, joins in educating her body as well! What is going to happen to my virginity?


A Body Made Just for Men to Embrace Comic


Stop! I just came but...... I'm cumming again!!

her first time with her first boyfriend, Arisu was so afraid of sex, but with the guy she really likes it's a new ecstasy, especially when he inserts deep. Her dirty body wants more......
but she is told a secret about herself: "you're a sex-roid created to pleasure men." is she destined to be embraced by unknown men like a prostitute......!?

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