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Poppy's Passion Comic


Poppy is a brand-new intern working in the emergency room. She's in a huge hurry to get to work when she bumps into a man in the corridor. It's Tom, the man she's always admired and who is now a skilled surgeon. Poppy wants to impress him, but she keeps making mistake after mistake in front of him. Can she forget this childhood love and focus on her career?



A Timely Affair Comic


Merrin is a brand-new resident at the hospital, and when she's introduced to her supervising doctor for the first time, he takes her breath away. Dr. McAllister is one of the best surgeons in all of London. Merrin soon learns that he lost his beloved wife two years ago, and he's devoted himself to his work ever since. Merrin is certain that he's still in love with his wife, but she's head over heels for him. When she dares to tell him how she feels, they cross a line and begin a secret romance. Then one of their colleagues sees the two having a hidden rendezvous... What will happen to her career now? Will their new relationship be ruined by scandal?


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