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The Orchestrated Trap [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


With her coquettish charms, Asami seduced the interviewer of a major company to get a job there. She has just one dream, "To be happier than anyone else." Thanks to a small incident, she successfully gets close to the company's top lingerie designer, Osamu. Asami is well on her way towards becoming "happier than anyone else" but, crazy with jealousy, the interviewer starts to force himself on her...


Moaning Ecstasy Express -Your Next Man Will Arrive at Platform 7- Comic


Erina Yaguchi is a cabin attendant on a Shinkansen, working hard to serve passengers despite being bullied by her co workers. But that all changes one day when her charming, handsome boss embraces and ravages her troubles away. Erina falls head over heels for her loving boss, Mr. Umemura.At his suggestion, Erina is promoted to serving in the executive car, but what she finds within... shocks her to the core! Cabin attendants are riding the passengers! Sucking on their...! Erina soon finds herself in the same position, satisfying the most base desires of her passengers!! "We'd like to thank you for riding the Ecstasy Express today, and if there's anything we can get you, a beverage, a sandwich, or perhaps a cabin attendant of your own, please don't hesitate to ask."


It's More Than Pleasure with the One I Love Comic

"Make me cum with your boobs." Maybe Yuuma doesn't like me... he just likes my boobs? Every day, Yuuma seems completely wrapped up in Manami's big boobs, which makes her more and more nervous with every passing day... Then one day, she goes to a familiar bar and meets someone and something unbelievable happens to Manami's chest...! Can Yuuma handle the shocking transformation?!


The Way Adults Play -A Promise with a Presumptuous President- Comic

"I'll work my hardest!" Suddenly, a prostitute like myself became the personal secretary for the president of a massive corporation. Naturally, most of my duties concern nightly escapades, but President Fujiwara is quite the gentleman. In order to be perform to the highest of secretarial standards, I've poured heart and soul into my schooling and classes. One day, Mr. Fujiwara asked me if he could call me by name... like lovers do. When he gently called me "Kai-san," I felt like I was knocked over from shock. That night, Kai-san spoke of her sad past in her sleep..."Don't worry, I'm here with you now..."

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