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The Cruise of Despair - 8 Days Kept Aboard a Ship Comic


"I'll turn you into my horny sex pet!" The long awaited summer vacation has arrived, and Arisa is out for a cruise with some friends from her university club. She's hoping to close the gap between her and the man she fancies. That was the plan, but then everything goes crazy! Forced to take an aphrodisiac, she's violated right before his eyes, and taken time and time again! This is... absolutely horrible!! Even though she doesn't want to, the sensation overcomes her and she enjoys it!! "Please! Someone! Save me!" A cruel, despair-filled game and an evil man's endless "training" regime. But in the end, was it all just a set-up?? A trap??


Am I a Hostess? -A Girl with a Fetish for Gay Comics Is Suddenly Taken Away.- Comic

Up until a few minutes ago, I was a normal loser otaku girl who only loved 2D men. Then, all of a sudden, a hot man in glasses turned me into a hostess! Sakura is an otaku girl who is especially weak toward men in glasses, and has grown into quite the adult otaku. She's never had any experience in love, has never even been kissed, and is of course a virgin. Every day, she lives her life out lazily, until the uncle that's raised her in place of her lost parents brings home a hot guy named Akira. When he has glasses on, he's totally her type... But then he says "I'm going to take you as payment for what I'm owed!" and pushes her into a car.


We'll Train You Gently -Sadistic Hunk Hotel- Comic


The ad our heroine stumbles upon says "Looking for testers who want to experience a night of luxury at a 5-star hotel!" It includes a free night's stay in the hotel's luxury suite as well as a soothing oil massage! And on top of that you get to have your fill of top-class French cuisine while wearing a beautiful dress and enjoying an evening show! Thinking it sounds "absolutely amazing" our heroine gleefully sets out only to find out that the testers are wanted for a sexual purpose! Her lubricated body is fondled and fingered and then fucked into oblivion! And then she is taken to the restaurant where she is violently fucked by another young man while a bunch of wealthy old men watch her practically die of embarrassment. And to top it all off, the chef comes in to finish her off with a whip-cream fucking!

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