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Request from a Yakuza -The Man You Picked up Is an Underground Prince!?- [ Total vol 11 ] Completed Comic Popular


"Did you feel that? You're cute. Now then, should I make you feel... more?" With this sweet voice whispering in her ear, her body is pushed to the limit! Poor, burdened with debt, and with no luck in men, Misaki reached the end of her rope... Then she picks up a bruised young man. Even though he laughs flirtatiously, he is still cool, and somehow they end up living together! In reality... the young man is the head of a yakuza gang, and is extremely perverted on top of that!! Forcibly licking her in the bath, and talking dirty to her... After such passionate petting, her body is melting and just can't resist anymore! What will happen to my life!!


Scented Sexy Man - Aroused by His Smell! - Comic


"Are you really that desperate...?" Akari is asked by Takeru, a younger guy at her university. It seems that, without realizing it, Akari has been letting out erotic moans on the train she rides to school every morning... And with an erotic expression at that. The extremely forward Takeru says that he'll be her partner, and sticks his tongue in her ear...!? She doesn't want it, but... Takeru's smell causes Akari's body to seek further pleasure. "What in the world has happened to me...!?"

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