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Love Chronicle Of A Hated Teacher [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 4) Comic


High school instructor Kiriyuu is strict and picky, so the students avoid him.
On the other hand, the gym teacher, Sakurada, is gentle and kind, and beloved by the students.
Kiriyuu only chides the students because he cares about them, but he knows they dislike him.
However, when Sakurada tells Kiriyuu that the other teachers respect him and he himself admires him, Kiriyuu gets annoyed with Sakurada. What's he going to do to Sakurada when there's no one else in the teachers' lounge?
Enjoy this love comedy of two teachers ? one artless, one irascible!


You're So Beautiful, But You're a Man [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


For Asahi, it's love at first sight... but the woman turns out to be a man...
Asahi Sato is thirty and single.
He decides it's about time to settle down... He wants to find someone and goes to a bar that his co-worker tells him about. There, he meets a beautiful woman who steals his heart!
He follows her to the restroom... but she goes into... the men's side!?
He goes in to check, and there he finds the beautiful "woman" standing at a urinal!!
Asahi can't hide his shock.
The next day, he goes to a business meeting, and there he meets a good-looking young man who looks just like the "woman" he saw last night!
He only wants to fulfill his duty as a son and give his mother a grandchild, but things have turned for the unexpected...!

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