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This Porn Star Just Doesn't Listen ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


Mutou wanted to become a famous director but his first directorial debut is as a gay porn director!? Low-energy Mutou gets in a fight with gay pornstar Sakuma and gets propositioned! Mutou learns to become a better gay porn director by using his own body! Via pro pornstar actor Sakuma, Mutou is guided through a host of gay madness and learns what it is like to experience new pleasures. This is the story of how Mutou becomes a great screenwriter/director!


The Secret of the Mamiya Bookstore Comic


Tarou Kusunoki, who by nature is an introverted and quite gloomy person, is a university student working at a small bookstore. His coworker Souta Tsuji, on the other hand, is a very attractive and friendly (and gay) young man. Souta falls in love at first sight with Tarou and now Tarou has to deal with the confusing feelings and touches that Souta gives him. In the end, he decides to test out Souta's feelings in a rather unusual way. Here at the bookstore, all employees participate in a cute and sexy love story.

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