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How to Soothe Your Lonesome Man [Renta! Special Edition] Comic

[Includes a special collection of limited print run illustrations!] She met Mr. Kawakami at her younger sister's wedding. With his good looks and passionate devotion to his brother, Kawakami quickly stole his way into Ayaka's heart. She definitely had suspicions about the ease with which he immediately asked her to go out with him. Despite feeling that something's off, she can't help getting butterflies in her stomach. But, her sister is still totally against the two of them being together! Seems that Kawakami's hit a few romantic road bumps in the past, but what could they be......?


How to Get a Delicious Boyfriend Comic

During a class reunion, Yuu meets the love of her younger days again. Or so she thinks. Yuu soon finds out that he isn't the Student Council President he always admired, but his twin brother Shinichi who is a blunt and unsociable guy. However, Yuu is drunk and Shinichi lets her stay in his place. The next day, Yuu cooks for him in return. While Shinichi is enjoying Yuu's cooking with an awkward expression on his face, against all odds, Yuu falls in love with him. "I want to see you again! I want to get closer and know you more!". This is what Yuu is feeling, but what if Shinchi thinks that Yuu must be aiming for his twin brother...?

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