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Cinderella's Passionate Love Education Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

After accidentally injuring the hand of a popular fashion designer, Kirara is forced to help out at his shop. Pure-hearted and plain-looking, Kirara's only interest is drawing fashion illustrations. Despite being at the pushy designer's beck and call, she begins to bloom beautifully into a designer herself. It's her first time, but he takes her on a wild ride again and again!


A Family of Doctors Battle for a Bride! Shared and Impregnated by Brothers- Plus Comic

[The second Chapter of the popular series] The person who gets me pregnant will be the next director!! The lewd battle for the bride game wasn't over!! Having been ordered by the hospital director to be the bride of one of his sons, I was thrown into the dispute over who was to get the director's chair. I was a virgin, but I was violated and had vibrators and a chastity belt used on me. But my first love, Dr. Sou, saved me and I was able to lead a peaceful life......or so I thought, until I was targeted by his other brothers...? Is there no way to escape this destiny?


A Family of Doctors Battle for a Bride! -Shared and Impregnated by Brothers- Comic

Mom's hospital bills are acccumulating and if we don't pay, she'll be forced out of the hospital!! The hospital director calls me to his office... He offers pay our bills, but in return, he wants me to meet all his sons and choose one of them to marry! But how can I choose Dr. Ibuki, who's in charge of mom, or Dr. Sou, who kinda looks like my first love?? Then Dr. Ibuki forces himself onto me, even though I'm a virgin, saying "Be grateful you'll be my bride!" How could this happen to me...?

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