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Cinderella in Love [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Wakana gets such an extreme makeover from her sister that she doesn't look like herself! Out and about on the town, she runs into her coworker, Naoya, whom she hardly recognizes without his suit and neatly parted hair. She secretly tries to follow him, but ends up having dinner with him! Naoya doesn't seem to recognize her at work without her makeup, and keeps on acting like they've never met, so Wakana tries to get his attention...


These Two Comic

Mia's obsessed with finding love, and Koh's a hottie who's never gone all the way. High school classmates, the two have a physical relationship together until they find full-time partners. They practice being in love by going on dates and fooling around... More than friends, yet not quite friends with benefits.


It Was Love Before I Knew It Comic

Sakura just broke up with her boyfriend. The two had been dating since college and were basically living together. While in a daze one weekend, she runs into Tajima, one of her company's clients... Her days of depression become gradually filled with relief and gentleness. Before she knows it, a new love begins...


Sweet & Delicious Comic

Misaki suspects her cousin's cheating on her husband, even though they're supposed to be happily married!! "I can't hold back..." "I'm in love, too..." "...It's wrong to cheat on someone!" Determined to correct her cousin's ways, Misaki barges into the room where she and her partner in crime, Kirino, are meeting... At least, that's what she'd thought. Instead, Misaki discovers the secret behind Kirino's cold and unfriendly facade... This sweet romance begins with a misunderstanding, but where's their relationship going to lead...?


Being Pretty Is Not Enough Comic

It all started with one book. A book that Yuuki borrowed from her classmate, Akiyuki, a long time ago. Yuuki remembered her time in junior high and, along with it, her first crush. That nostalgia and bittersweetness made her eager to learn more about the "present" Akiyuki. What is her first crush doing now......? Could the embers of romance be rekindled......? This innocent curiosity brings Yuuki unexpected pain......


How to Soothe Your Lonesome Man [Renta! Special Edition] Comic

[Includes a special collection of limited print run illustrations!] She met Mr. Kawakami at her younger sister's wedding. With his good looks and passionate devotion to his brother, Kawakami quickly stole his way into Ayaka's heart. She definitely had suspicions about the ease with which he immediately asked her to go out with him. Despite feeling that something's off, she can't help getting butterflies in her stomach. But, her sister is still totally against the two of them being together! Seems that Kawakami's hit a few romantic road bumps in the past, but what could they be......?


Don't Be Kind Comic

Yui was hurt in a previous relationship and is now scared of putting herself out there again. She's attracted to Yoshikawa but convinces herself that it's just a crush. Yui's heart is slowly healed by Yoshikawa's kindness, and her feelings change into love. But he has someone he cannot forget...


It Starts with Love Comic

Sara always just watches guys from afar, Rikuya goes out with girls, but always gets dumped. They are friends that are bad at the game of love! After every heartbreak they comfort each other, but Sara doesn't want to lose at love anymore! She makes the decision to find true love!


Dream of Tears Comic

"I don't mind going out with you until I find someone better." Eri gets a cruel answer from Hasegawa, whom she's always liked. Seeing Hasegawa looking lonely after a recent heartbreak, Eri, while hurt by the answer to her sudden but meaningful confession of love, decides to accept his offer. They go through a lot together, even have sex... but it isn't true love. Her feelings grow stronger the more time they spend together. Yet they are shadowed by the knowledge that their relationship could end at any moment...


Cherry Trees in Bloom Comic

Sakura assumed the role of mother and took care of her childhood friend Ken after his real mother passed away. However, recently she can't help looking at Ken as a grown man. Although a year younger than her, there are times when Sakura can't face him and when they're alone her heart keeps pounding. She remembers their actual relationship with pain in her heart. Ken is no longer her childhood friend, but the one she likes. Sakura has realized her true feelings, but she cannot tell him. A sweet love story between childhood friends that will tug at your heartstrings.


Love Trap Comic

Momoka was stuck creating documents for her boss, then on a rainy Sunday, her ideal man appears before her. She instantly falls in love with him, but she doesn't even know his name... Momoka thought they'd never meet again, but they reunite during an arranged marriage date set up by her aunt! It's a story about a wonderful love that will make your heart beat faster!


Naughty Love Comic

Until she met the virgin class rep, Nagai, Kanna lived a rather dull school life, never bothering to get too sentimental with boys. Nagai's amusing reactions made him Kanna's favorite target to prank, but it's not just that. He's completely different from the other guys... Why can't she take her eyes off him? Enjoy the long awaited comic release by Ichimi Minamoto, an exciting and heartwarming collection of stories.


Sunny Dreams Comic

Engulfed by daily overtime, Rinka's only escape is her lunchtime. As always, she heads towards the rooftop's door, and is greeted by Takahata, a man who stumbled across that place one summer and has been joining her in peaceful recreation ever since. They talk about silly things, eat dumplings together and sometimes even nap. For the silent and shy Rinka, standing quietly by Takahata never felt awkward. Before long, the time spent with him becomes the most precious part of Rinka's day. She was certain these happy days would go on forever, but the winds of change start blowing...


Sweet Days Comic

Heartbroken by her senior at work, Ayano becomes sex friends with her colleague, Miyaguchi. Without any romantic involvement, there's no need to fret over each other's behavior. A relationship with no strings attached is supposed to be satisfying, but Ayano's heart races whenever Miyaguchi is kind to her. Since there is no love, just carnal desire, Ayano believes it's best to remain distant, however that's harder than she thinks. Enjoy a story full of love, depicting the awkward romance between two adults.


Spicy Sweet Comic

Newly employed for only 2 months, I'm finally getting the hang of this job. I happily do my best every day, despite having a demanding senior and a perverted boss, thanks to Makita, the man I look up to. Admiring him from afar was my daily routine, but one night during overtime we got unexpectedly close. After I had the chance to see his surprisingly cute sulky and angry expressions, I felt I was on the same wavelength with the one I considered silent and cool. This new found affinity turned my admiration into love...


How to Get a Delicious Boyfriend Comic

During a class reunion, Yuu meets the love of her younger days again. Or so she thinks. Yuu soon finds out that he isn't the Student Council President he always admired, but his twin brother Shinichi who is a blunt and unsociable guy. However, Yuu is drunk and Shinichi lets her stay in his place. The next day, Yuu cooks for him in return. While Shinichi is enjoying Yuu's cooking with an awkward expression on his face, against all odds, Yuu falls in love with him. "I want to see you again! I want to get closer and know you more!". This is what Yuu is feeling, but what if Shinchi thinks that Yuu must be aiming for his twin brother...?

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