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The Kneeling Butler Comic

In a villa in London, England, there is a butler. An Adonis in looks and actions, his conduct is especially elegant and refined. His name is Yukihiko Sagara. As a butler, he must devote his loyalty to, and kneel at, his master's feet. One day, a rather haughty guest appeared. He told Yuki that after feeling the sensation of his lips, he wanted him. Master and butler. The servant and the served. Will their positions change...? What type of butler would you desire?


The World is Full of Cheating Boyfriends Comic

All Adachi wants in life is to win the heart of the man he loves, Kuga. Where Adachi is sensitive and confused, Kuga is arrogant and self-assured. To Kuga, Adachi is nothing more than a toy to play with when he is bored. Yet, when a man from Adachi's past appears, Kuga becomes jealous and threatens anyone who dares to take his toy away from him. Will Adachi stand strong in his desire for Kuga, or will the man from his past bring out his weakness for acceptance and love? Will Kuga admit that maybe Adachi isn't just a plaything to him, but something more?


Pride [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

Two men appear in front of Chiyuki Amamiya, a public prosecutor who works at the West Tokyo Public Prosecutor' s Office. The first is Yoshitaka Morooka, the son of a well-established family and a junior of Chiyuki' s from Nihonbashi, and Masachika Katori, an ex-elite public prosecutor who was once called the prince of the office, but fell from power. Chiyuki just broke up with his lover, and misses the feel of warm skin beside him, so after getting drunk he sleeps with Masachika, but...


All The Time Comic

Because I' m in love with you. Sanpei Morimura has a cool personality and beautiful looks. One day, his co-worker Tani expresses his feelings. Morimura doesn' t dislike Tani - if anything, he' s attracted to him. Tani is aloof, but sometimes has eyes like a beast. From the moment their hearts awaken to love, their romance begins! A love between two men on equal footing!


Border Control - Fate Comic

An undercover investigator named Kyougo Suzaki and an official who works for the Treasury Department named Itsuki Kijima meet at a lake rumored to "tie together all who meet there." Is this fate...?! It's a forbidden adult-male love story!

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