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How to Make It with a Rookie School Teacher New to Love? -Go for Their Body First- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

AuthorIma Yasaki

"I'd never been in a relationship before, and suddenly I'm Mr. Popular!" Starting this spring, Ichinose is a new teacher at a boy's school. He gets so nervous when he sees all the students in school. And then suddenly, Mr. Tsutsumi - who'd taken him under his wing - tells him, "You're just my type," and starts rubbing his ass. Ichinose immediately runs away, and proceeds to get lost in the sprawling campus...... He bumps into a student who shows him the way, but the student then informs him, "I need more than just a 'thank you,' and kisses him...!? His tongue in his mouth makes him feel things he's never felt before...... And then when he goes to Mr. Tsutsumi's house that night, the boy who gave him his first kiss is there......!

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