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Fragments of Eternity Comic

"I met you in summer. I fell in love with you in summer..." After transferring schools, I became friends with two boys. I was hoping the three of us would be together forever... But now my tears won't stop flowing. A heart-wrenching love story!!


Watery Blue Love Comic

Yuuko Kitahara is engaged to her boyfriend Kei Irie, a kind-natured salaryman. One day, university student and up-and-coming painter Aoi arrives at Yuuko's small country town. Yuuko, enchanted by one of Aoi's paintings, soon develops strong, passionate feelings toward Aoi. While Yuuko struggles with conflicted feelings, Kei announces his job transfer to Tokyo, and Aoi says he's going to study abroad in Paris...! Enjoy this lengthy tale of love and lust, drowning in tenderness and passion, and other stories in this latest comic compilation!!


Twin Attack Comic

Tina has two childhood friends. They are twin brothers: the gentle and talented Kouichi and the mischievous and sporty Shouji. She cherishes the time they spend together, but one day, they both suddenly ask her out......! Besides this series, based on the story by Satoko Satsuki, which sketches the ultimate love triangle, this volume also contains a long one-shot featuring the forbidden love between a teacher and his student, who's got nothing but love on her mind!


Scandalous Extra-Curricular Activities Comic

One fateful day, Tsugumi Satonaka, a high school teacher, is seen possessing a certain incriminating object by the hottest guy in school, Mikiya Kamijou. She tries to keep Mikiya quiet with pleas and bribes, but ends up being tormented with lewd situations! Starting with a story of forbidden love between teacher and student, this collection's full of egotistical younger guys. The sex is sure to satisfy!!


Embrace Me Warmly Comic

I, Souko Fujimoto, like the advisor of the art club, Mr. Noda. He only calls me by a nickname... "Fuji-tsun"... Does that mean I'm special to him...? I got my hopes up, Mr. Noda. That's why I didn't want to hear that you call me Fuji-tsun because I'm "easy to talk to". I knew deep inside, but it still hurt It hurts, Mr. Noda... Six love stories packed with feelings of pure love. It's a collection of Iori Hanasaki's best works including an extra chapter as a bonus.


Christmas Eros Comic

High school graduation: Azumi told Kouichi about her one-sided love for him, and they ended up dating. Kouichi left to attend college in Tokyo, and Azumi's fine with a long-distance relationship... or she would be, but with Kouichi working to pay for his tuition, they never get to see each other. He even canceled his Christmas visit... Then one day, at a party with former classmates that Kouichi isn't attending, Akihiko tells Azumi he likes her, and forces himself on her...!? Unable to be with her beloved, the protagonist's heart and body ache. Enjoy reading the title story of miraculous love, as well as other high-quality emotional tales packed with romance!!


Love Tropical Night Comic

Momo came to the beach for fun with her three friends. But she's extremely aware of her flat chest, and doesn't want to strip down to her swimwear. Her friends get picked up by some boys, leaving Momo alone. Then she has an exciting meeting of her own, with Takumi, who makes all her senses go crazy! She ends up spending one incredible night with him...! Other than this titular story about an unforgettable summer romance, this sexy summer anthology also contains the hot story of three unfortunate childhood friends, and a story about first love which will make your heart beat faster!!


Erotic & Romantic Comic

Michiru Mochida finally realized her dream of living independently in her own apartment. When she is going around greeting her new neighbors, she notices the guy next door looks strangely familiar...!? It turns out to be Fujiya Masato, a member of the popular boyband, SWITCH! On that day, Michiru's rollercoaster romance started....! In addition to this series of forbidden love between a celebrity and an ordinary girl, this volume also contains a collection of delightful love stories featuring bold and pure-hearted girls!


A Wolf in Boy's Clothing Comic

A boy Hinako Miyashita can't forget about suddenly appears: her younger brother's best friend, Kaname! She jokingly flirts with him, which somehow escalates into Kaname punishing her (in a sexy way)! This volume features not only a story about a charming, excitable young man, but also two other comics: one about a secret love affair with an idol; and another, which is an epic, moving tale of love that spans over one hundred pages! It's a compilation loaded with fresh stories that'll capture your heart.

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