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Ch. 1 FREE

I Wanna Love You, Kiss You, Bite You [Total ch. 6] Completed NEW Comic

Akihiro, an omega, has suddenly been landed with a fiance! The whole thing was arranged by their parents, so when he's told this guy is going to be his husband, it's all too much to process... But, when he meets his betrothed, Reiya, his terror toward the alpha begins to change into... something else. He wants to do all kinds of naughty things with his beloved Reiya, but he's still in school, and he's worried that any prohibited activities might result in a baby... His mind is now a battlefield between hope and reason! Meanwhile, Reiya, who once found Akihiro timid and boring, finds his curiosity has been piqued. Now, he's fallen hook, line, and sinker. He's ready to go at any time!

Ch. 1 FREE

Held in the Arms of a Fabulous Star -The Sweet Seduction of a Box Office Star- (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic

AuthorReiji Ito

It's a bygone period in Tokyo where modern-minded men and women stroll the streets showing off the latest styles. Junko is selling tickets at her father's theater when a man wearing thick glasses, his hair disheveled, appears in front of her. He clearly looks suspicious... but turns out to be Akira Nishiki, a major star in the theatrical world. Junko thinks he's despicable, but the night after seeing him perform a passionate love scene, she dreams about him... getting physical with her...!!
A playboy actor whose popularity is soaring and the daughter of a shabby theater owner, both clumsy, are in for the start of a retro romance...


Until You Unlock the Door [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic

AuthorIchi Bom

With that cold look, he feels this urge growing in his stomach...

Makoto Tsuge and Kyouya Shirane have been friends since their sophomore year in high school. Makoto's friendly and gets along with everyone, but Kyouya's more of a loner who does what he wants and often picks on other people. Despite their polar differences, they've managed to stay friends into their adult years. However, the truth is they've each been working very hard to stay close to one another...
This is the love story between a plain, friendly businessman and a fancy-free, gorgeous beast. Their ten-year relationship will turn into a loving one, and the key to that is their second kiss.


An Evening in Spring NEW Comic

Noah can't forget the magical words "you are so cute" that Haruyuki repeatedly said to him when he was still a young boy. The two were close like brothers, but it's been six years since they last saw each other. Noah's grown tall and isn't exactly the "cute" boy he used to be anymore. He is worried and saddened by the thought that Haruyuki might not recognize him when they meet again. One day after school, he runs into Haruyuki...


Practice for the Plot Comic

Harukana is a scenario writer for an adult game production company. When he gets tasked with an urgent assignment to write a scenario he has no experience with, he finds himself stuck. However, when his level-headed illustrator and subordinate Tomoe gallantly shows up, Harukana?desperate for his next big hit?comes up with a drastic idea: ask Tomoe to try it out with him!


The Best Is Saved for Last (Current ch. 9) Comic Popular

Nako's been summoned as a sacred figure, but she doesn't have the special powers her summoners expected to make this "other world" a better place. She's sent away to live in a detached palace with Lynn, her lady-in-waiting, until one day, she's ordered to marry an earl who's said to be the country's hero. The thing is, he's over the age of 60. However, Nako takes one look at him and instantly falls in love with his gentle, reserved nature. Although this hero is aware that he's old and doesn't have much of a future ahead, he can't stop being attracted to the bright, cheerful girl. Little does he know that he will soon wake up and find that he is back in his twenties! This is a much-awaited romantic comedy between different worlds that will make you laugh, cry, and giggle right alongside the lovey-dovey couple!!


Let's Enjoy Today,Too [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Unlike you, I only sleep with guys I like.
Yuki Sano enjoys a smooth and stress-free school life, always paying attention to the pecking order, and making sure that he's in a safe position. So when Yuki simply satisfies the lust of his friend Souta, he's already confident that the momentary pleasure will protect his social position, with no problems in sight. That is, until class loner Takada sees the two of them getting it on at school...


Sink into the Bright Blue [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


Edward (known lovingly as "Ned") is a fledgling writer taking his yearly summer retreat at the home of siblings Margaret and Albert. Ned's been in countless romances with women, but he finds himself more and more infatuated with the sarcastic, sister-doting, fickle and gorgeous Albert every time they meet... This cinematic love story, with its heart-rending and love-maddening scenes, features a deepening love in breezy summer that ends, as well as a new beginning.


All's Fair In Love And War [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

At a high school full of delinquents, Leo Shishiyama, a boy who looked cute but was the best fighter, is puzzled. Takeru Kurosawa, who had constantly challenging Leo to fights that ended up in a draw, has sent him an eighth challenge letter. Leo likes winning, but he doesn't particularly like fighting, and enjoys gorging on strawberry rice cakes, his favorite snack, much more. He tries to ignore Takeru, but bumps into his beautiful little sister on the street, who shows him kindness. If he can beat Takeru, maybe he can make a move on her! Leo faces Takeru, but who comes out victorious...?


A Paradise of Eternal Night [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

On hearing some concerning news, the adventurous Prince Shin of the great kingdom of Garche infiltrates the desert kingdom of Tarchia. There, he meets Yashum, a man running a private school.
While he seems shady at first, Yashum is incredibly knowledgeable, and he's accompanied by the youth Amaru, who's so fond of his teacher that he's as protective of him as a knight!
However, in this small kingdom with a tragic history, a drama is unfolding between this odd pair over a "mystery drug"...
A maddening, codependent love blossoms in a paradise where dawn never comes.

Comes with a bonus page, plus an another bonus page for the digital edition only!


Drunk Rendezvous [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Masumi Kubota is a university student with delusions of grandeur. On his twentieth birthday, he tries drinking for the first time, because he thinks that drinking strong alcohol is degenerate and cool. But he's gone after half a can and blacks out! His neighbor, Mio, who goes to the same university as him, takes him in. Mio doesn't get drunk from alcohol, but he does get drunk from certain physical activities. Masumi is so jealous of his ability to stay sober that he ends up sleeping with him...!? Mio, the mysterious, alcohol-immune prodigy in bed, decides to help Masumi, the delusional lightweight who turns really cute when he's drunk. Will their drinking practice that leads to consensual drunken encounters develop into love!?


Mementos Of A Mischievous Cat [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) Comic


With his renowned-novelist dad away from home and his mom busy with her own job, Wataru's parents hires a young male housekeeper named Osaka to help around the house. From the moment they meet, Wataru considers Osaka's relentless efforts to be part of his life a nuisance. That is, until he receives a letter that helps him start opening up. The anonymous letters Osaka continues to bring him are sweet and caring-but Wataru believes they're from Osaka himself. Wataru decides to confront Osaka directly.


Love Potion for a Vampire Boy [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Akihiro Hasumi has a fair complexion and a secret: an ancestor of his was a vampire. One day, he's drinking at home with Kazutaka, a guy he's been friends with since they were kids, gets drunk and gives away his secret. As a die-hard occult enthusiast, Kazutaka is dying to see if Akihiro can turn into a scary vampire and begs him to drink his blood. Akihiro grudgingly obliges... and a little bite is all it takes to make him start to feel funny... dreamy-eyed... and excited...


Are Villains Not Allowed To Fall In Love? (Current ch. 2) Comic

She wasn't reincarnated as the heroine of the dating simulation game, but the villain...!
Due to her selfish, domineering personality, Mylene's fiance, prince Rendall, doesn't like her in the slightest. However, she becomes disorientated by the return of the memories of her past life, and he finds out that she's actually an innocent crybaby! Convinced that she's scheming to dump him for someone else, he gets jealous and warns her to stay away from other guys. With other key characters getting involved in the fray, what will become of Mylene's love!?
A popular academy slapstick romcom, finally put into comic form!


Can This Love Go Viral? [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Natsuo wants more views on the videos he and his friend post to I-tube! He's a happy-go-lucky, super-positive kind of guy who is in charge of coming up with content for the videos that get put up. The editor Ichiya, on the other hand, has a cool attitude and a sharp tongue. Both Natsuo and Ichiya are in university and have barely enough funds to get by. So, in an effort to save money while trying to gain more popularity on I-tube, they decide to become roommates. After moving in together, they post a video showing their apartment to the internet, and the comments immediately take a surprising turn, with people calling them cute and implying they are in a relationship. As the video takes off, Natsuo realizes this is a great opportunity and convinces Ichiya to start going with it and pretending to be a couple. But, it only takes so long before the pretense starts to actually, kinda, become reality...!?


Rhythmic Muscle Encounter [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Takumi Nodono is big and bulky, but contrary to his looks, he loves cute things. One day, an adorable guy, Itsuki Tenra, chats him up and seems really interested in his body. Itsuki mentions that he's been in various incidents on the train and wants to work out in order to get stronger. His slim body and plump behind light a fire in Takumi's imagination. A story full of laughter and lovemaking!


Private Fan Service [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Hiro Nagao grew up as an idol nerd and got his dream job managing idol talents. He now works very hard to take the male idol group he's in charge of to the top of the show business industry! But, one day, Iku Yoshikawa, the heart throb center for "IMPRESS," a group at a rival agency, pushes him to the ground with a hungry look on his face... When Toru asks to sleep with him with a super cute look on his face, how can he resist!!? This is a secret love story that starts from a physical relationship between an idol nerd talent manager and a whiny-yet-super-gorgeous idol!


Love Is Probably Around The Corner (Current ch. 3) Comic

31-year-old Akio Ito is totally worn out and has finally quit his job after devoting his twenties to the craft of creating manga comics. He's down and glum when he's reunited with Hiroto Kuma, nicknamed "Kuma", a friend from high school with whom he once enjoyed manga and subculture. A year his junior, Kuma, who is now a bestselling novelist and a single father of young twins, always told Akio that he loved his work.
This is a story of love and salvation involving an easy-going novelist with kids, a self-deprecating former manga artist, and a pair of twins who are full of vibrant energy.


I'm Calling Off This Engagement! (Current ch. 7) Comic

Celenzia wakes up after a bump to the head with memories of her past life. She has lived a sheltered life as a high-born maiden. Armed with her previous memories and newfound, daring attitude, she manages to put an end to her engagement to her no-good, cheating fiance by catching him in the act. She's finally free, but now she has to deal with pretty-boy Albert getting involved in her affairs!? Celenzia intends to forge her own path and decide her own love life, but things don't end up going quite as planned!


His Partner, the Thoroughbred Omega [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Leo Asaka, an alpha male and a second-generation actor, hates it when people say he's just like his actor father. Leo is working hard to make it big on his own when he receives an offer to star in a film to be shot by a world-famous director. He then learns who his co-star is: Eito Yanagi, another alpha male and a second-generation actor who's known for living a scandalous life. The two of them get locked in a hotel room so they can get to know each other, where Leo glimpses a secret about Eito that may change the course of their destiny.

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