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See You in Your Dreams [Total ch. 18] Completed Comic


When his father dies, Shuji Machiya goes to the house his father was renting to collect his possessions. There, he meets his father's mistress, Sakie, who's been waiting this whole time for his father to come back home. Sakie's popular with the men in the neighborhood and it turns out that she's actually a hungry succubus who later appears in Shuji's dreams to suck him dry!! How will Shuji survive living with her...!?


How to Keep Your Apartment Wife Happy Comic


This particular town is near a land of twilight. At an apartment complex in Saigawara, "apartment wives" have taken up residence in each room. This book includes three different-yet-intertwined stories about them. With these alluring apartment wives, men experience a lot of pleasure and comfort, but there is always a hint of sadness. In addition to the cover story, there are five short stories in total. Please enjoy these charming, yet slightly eccentric tales.

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