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Baby Surprise for the Spanish Billionaire Comic


Anna Gray is a woman who lives for order and logic. She doesn't believe in taking risks or making impulsive decisions. When her mother sends her an SOS to help her prepare for a celebrity wedding at their run-down island resort, Anna returns home to Marina Island. They have only a month to work some magic, but there's one problem: there is no magic! Then Anna meets a man named Leo di Marques, who is visiting with a luxury cruise ship. The gorgeous Spaniard is checking into the resort for his sister, the bride of the upcoming wedding. He offers to help Anna repair the resort. They swear to keep it strictly professional, but...



His Reluctant Cinderella Comic


Clara manages a housekeeping company and has a young daughter she loves more than anything in the world. Her life is far too full for romance. One day Raff, a client's brother, appears in her office. He's been searching for his sister's whereabouts and is at his wit's end. He comes to Clara with the most unbelievable request. In order to reassure his father, who has collapsed from anxiety, he wants Clara to pretend to be his girlfriend, and he offers to pay her an enormous sum and a ten-thousand pound bonus at the end of it all. Who in the world is this man? Reluctantly accepting his offer, Clara still wonders if fulfilling his request will unbalance the delicate equilibrium of her life.



Expecting the Earl's Baby Comic


Photographer Daisy worked a wedding at an earl's castle, but by the time she was ready to leave, her car was completely snowed in! She had only until midnight to upload the day's photos and didn't know how she'd be able to pull it off now. Luckily a man showed up and invited Daisy into the castle. Once she successfully uploaded the photos, she noticed how very attractive the man who helped her was. They proceeded to spend a dreamy night together, but they didn't yet know how that night would change their destiny...


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