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Chase Me Till We Fall in Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Warehouse worker Makoto Ishida has been stalking his slightly clueless coworker Arata Yoshimoto, watching him from behind his geeky glasses. He'd even moved into the room right below Arata's. He lives to admire the photos he secretly takes of his sweet, sweet love... Except, one day, Arata discovers his prized photo collection!! In Makoto's fantasies, his encounters with Arata turn naughty fast, but now that the real Arata's standing in front of him, he doesn't know what to do!!! There's no way this love could ever work out. Just what lies in store...!? A story of possessive, stalkery love!! Includes a previously unpublished story.


The Perfect Way to Train Him Comic

Shinobu Kasuga is good at his job, but needs something to relieve his stress. One night he finds Daisuke, who's like a big dog, and takes him home. Shinobu trains Daisuke to lick all over his body... But, the next day, he finds out they're working at the same place! Includes bonus story.

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