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Give It to Me, Teach Comic

I'm 24, a teacher, and... I'm being hit on by my 17-year-old student in front of his classmates. What kind of joke is this!? He steals a kiss from me after class ends one day, and even though I promptly stop it, just that one little kiss sends me reeling! He's my student, and yet all I want to do is stare at him... Into those beautiful eyes... Which will win; a student's lust or a teacher's logic?


Loving You Exclusively Comic

My co-worker and drinking buddy Fujiki and I both bat for the same team, and he's an important friend I can talk about anything with. Although he has some one-night stands, he apparently has a one-sided crush on some guy. One night, I get extremely drunk, and he takes me home as he usually does when I drink too much... But then he forces a kiss on me!! "Sorry, I can't hold back anymore. Give in and sleep with me." What's he talking about? We're just friends! This could be a disaster! What should I do!?

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