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God's Wish Comic

Takahide is a strapping male high school student who lives in the dorms. One day, Yuta, a timid and innocent guy, confesses his love for him. Just as Takahide is lost in thought about how to handle the situation, a strange man forces him to adopt a "Shinto lion." Takahide ends up searching for the lion's lost companion with Yuta, and as they do so, Takahide starts to realize how much love Yuta has for him... This is a youthful love story about how a straight boy and his classmate end up together!


Vague Synchronicities [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

A rather nostalgic and husky voice at the bar caught Kazuki's attention. It was none other than Shuu Furuhashi's, a high school classmate of his. Of course, they were just that. However, the image of his wrinkled eyebrows, gloomy expression, and trademark mole on his neck was seared in Kazuki's mind. They decide to reconnect and get to know each other. After a dare, Kazuki decides to plan the perfect date to make Shuu fall for him...
A restart of the teenage years of a businessman with a rather fulfilling life and his somewhat gloomy, bespectacled former classmate... What could happen?


Best Boy. Comic


Akina meets the quiet Yara in the research lab he gets transferred into. When Yara unexpectedly lends him his lab coat, Akina ends up leaving something in the pocket! Yara's so innocent and tasty, and older than him!? Going for an older guy has never been sweeter.


Carrot & Stick Comic


Naruse, who works at a leisure facility, has to keep an eye on the incompetent new-guy Kousaka, who's been told to pull out weeds. Kousaka adores Naruse, and the night before his final day, he realizes just how deep his feelings go... Kousaka's in love, and when he gets drunk, he lets Naruse know by......!

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