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Ecstasy Brothers Comic

AuthorJun Nanase

It's been a year since Akina began dating Naoki. He's a terrific guy but there's only one problem: they've never been successful in bed. One day, the door to Naoki's room hasn't been closed properly, and his brother, Tomoki, sees them in yet another failed attempt. From that day on, Tomoki starts giving Akina lessons in sex. A collection of red-hot passion that includes titillating stories based on true ones from readers, which include a case of mistaken identity (sex with their boyfriend's twin brother!), a passionate date between two couples on an overnight trip to a spa, and more.


The Captive Princess Comic

The everyday life of college student Yuri takes a sudden turn when her father is involved in a fraud scandal at a large enterprise, the Kagami Group, where he serves as a section chief. The company president, Yousuke Kagami, finds out about the incident and promises not to publicize it, under one condition: Yuri has to come to his house to work as his "private servant"...!! This volume also contains "Hop, Step... Love?", a love comedy in which one girl is courted by the school's heartthrob, the worst delinquent, the top student, and a mysterious transfer student, all at the same time! This collection of amazing stories is sure to leave you feeling satisfied, both in mind and body!

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