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Slowly Falling for Him Comic

To Akane, Kai's a guy who lives in a different world, always surrounded by girls fawning over him. But, on a trip to a hot spring resort planned by Akane and her girlfriends, she and Kai suddenly get really friendly! After he kisses her as part of a party game, he adds, "Akane, you're cute." And even though she knows they could never end up together, for some reason her feelings for Kai just won't stop growing...


My Passive Boyfriend Proving His Love Comic

Chihana, who has no place to live, no money, and has even just lost her job, goes to a restaurant to meet a friend. She unexpectedly bumps into a former co-worker, Kousuke, and overhears a secret he's been hiding. In exchange for her keeping quiet, he lets her stay with him at his apartment. At first, Chihana thought he'd be a difficult person to interact with, but as they start to live together she sees a private side to Kousuke that causes her heart to throb...... She's just a roommate, and because of his "secret" she knows that her love for him will go unrequited. It's just, every time he shows kindness, her love for him grows more and more......


Love Message Comic

Rui told her classmate Kei how she feels about him, but they're still just friends... She wants to be his girlfriend! Then one day, Kei suddenly kisses her... Does this mean they're going out now!? Kanako Sakurai's first comic is filled with pure and cute love!


Before and After My Unrequited Love Comic

Kanae finds out her coworker, Kaji, has just broken up with his girlfriend. When Kaji teases her, asking her to "comfort" him, she agrees despite herself ? after all, she's always had a crush on him. The stolen kisses, his large hands gently stroking her skin, the deep voice murmuring her name into her ear...... Kanae had always dreamt of this.
Fearing their time as lovers will end when morning comes, Kanae tries to tell Kaji how she feels......


Sweet Pain Comic

Kano has a major crush on Keisuke Morita, a total playboy who always seems to be with a different woman. While she still has deep feelings for him, Kano allows Keisuke to have sex with her, but then finds out that he's being transferred to New York. There isn't much time left for them to be together...... "No matter what our relationship is, I still want to be with him!" With that thought in mind, Kano allows herself to become Keisuke's sex toy until he has to leave. "Don't look at any other women... I want you to only love me......!" Every time they have sex, Kano becomes more unable to hide her true feelings for Keisuke, so she decides to break up with him......


Love Chains Comic

I joined my company at the same time as my current boyfriend. We've been going out for little over a year now. Recently, Ryoji has been cold and distant towards me...... It wasn't like this when we first started dating. Maybe his feelings for me have changed. When I told him this other guy asked me out, he said, "I don't want to hear about your boring problems!"......Who does he think he is!? He treats me like dirt! It seems like all we do now is fight over stuff like that. Then, one day, when I get mad and try to leave Ryoji, he forces me to...... Will this end up like it always does with us!? This manga compilation is a collection of stories about the trials and tribulations of finding new love.

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