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I'm Sorry, Masumi!! Comic

Shotaro Shiraishi is an author. His daughter, Risaki, was supposed to marry his editor, Masumi. The two were supposed to live with him, but when Shotaro's daughter disappears on the day of the wedding with only a quick apology, Shotaro and Masumi are left behind. Desires go wild as the two men begin living together in this romance between a son- and father-in-law! Previously unpublished work included.


Self Portrait Comic

"Wanna make a bet with me? If I manage to run into you one more time within a week, you'll agree to model for me." With that, up-and-coming photographer Kiwamu Izumi scouts high-schooler Takahito as his model. Assuming he'll never see Kiwamu again, Takahito takes the bet, but then the two meet again at school! Takahito is repelled, yet simultaneously finds himself gradually attracted to Kiwamu...


Lost Boys Comic

Walk down that path from childhood to adolescence again with Lost Boys. Rediscover innocence, curiosity, wonderment and all things that make youth magical... including the initial thrill of finding love for the first time. Sent by the Lost Boys to find them a father, the impish Air settles upon the first open window he can find. The window happens to be Mizuki's, who is forcibly whisked away to Neverland. Finding out that he is now supposed to play "father" to the Lost Boys, Mizuki is incensed. However, forced to stay put, he gets to know the Lost Boys and Air- a little better. Perhaps a little too well as Mizuki finds that he is helplessly falling in love with the boy. Pirates, indians and the always innocent Lost Boys... this book is one big adventure. Staying true to the yaoi genre, readers will find Lost Boys' soft and sensitive storyline to be quite a delightful surprise. This is Peter Pan... yaoi style!


Interval Comic

Ayumu Kashiwagi is a member of the track team, and secretly has feelings for his peer Takato Shinohara. One day, an older student, named Sawatari, finds out about these feelings, then, in order to kill time, forces Ayumu to sleep with him. But just when Ayumu was convinced that he was cold, Sawatari shows him some kindness. He feels resistant, but at the same time, he's not sure what to do!

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