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Mandatory Matrimony -A Hot Working Guy and a Cold Office Girl- (Current ch. 16) Comic Hot

A rapid decline in birthrate forces the government to implement a mandatory marriage system. Two complete strangers have no choice but to marry one another! If you refuse, you can get fined and lose your job! If the married couple can't find common ground within two weeks of cohabitation, they can go their separate ways. Nanao, an ice queen at her office, suddenly finds herself forced to marry a brazen construction worker who doesn't let her out of his arms every night until morning! Just what is going to happen to this mismatched couple!?


Sorry, But I'm Pretty Freaking Hungry... -I'm Not Letting My Prey Get Away- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


"That body of yours... I can't deal with it." And, just like that, 27 year-old Miyako Todoroki was dumped by her first boyfriend. The shocked Miyako haphazardly dashes through the nighttime streets, gets dead drunk, and wakes up next to a host... and the sound of cows...!? She eventually realizes that Goshi, one of the hosts at the club, brought her to the countryside, of all places! Then, when she steps outside, she discovers that these host boys are working on the farm...!? In a place where physically strong men gather, her "repulsive" body is actually welcomed...!!


Mr. Perfect Next Door -Today, He Made Me Climax for the First Time.- [Total ch. 10] Completed Comic


"Are you about to cum?" She's suddenly embraced, played with, and cums within seconds after they meet! Ayaka Yoshizawa is a normal office worker. She was labelled as "a woman who can't orgasm" by the first man she dated. Since then, she's been fearful of dating. "Am I gonna be forever single......?" Just as she's halfway to giving up, one day after she gets home, an unknown man forces his way through the front door and suddenly embraces her tightly!! He touches her all over and she's scared, yet she's turned on in a way she's never been before...... She cums for the first time in her life......! She finds out that there was actually a porn studio next door and that they had mistaken her for the actress. But the male porn star who embraced her and called himself Kei comes to stay next door...... " As an apology for last time, I'll turn your body into one that can orgasm!"


Lust Beneath Priestly Robes -Two Monks, A Virgin, And an Inescapable Ritual- Comic

"The seed of two men will mix within your body..." A ritual performed in a temple, done to make children for a village...? Tsugumi, a heartbroken college girl, goes mountain-climbing to heal her emotional scars. But she loses her footing and falls into a village secluded deep within the mountains. The village is populated only by male monks, who call Tsugumi "the Maiden" for some reason. They give her a warm welcome. Two hot monks ? the fun-loving Tenyuu, and the handsome Shouzen ? are tasked with looking after Tsugumi. But this village holds a secret...


My Personal Male Security!: Living with 24-Hour Protection... and a Guy Who Can't Keep His Hands off of Me!! Comic

"Why don't you get wet?" These are the cruel words Yuno's ex said to her just before he threw her out of her apartment. After losing everything but her wallet, a desperate Yuno enters a special lottery for an apartment that's "Fully furnished! Personal security included!" After winning, she looks forward to a new life, except... her personal security guard gets too personal, feeling her up while she makes dinner and joining her in the bath. There is nothing safe about the situation!! What's going to happen to her!?

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