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Please Kiss Me, Scaredy-Cat! Comic

The first person to ever confess their feelings for Sawa, a tiny unpopular guy, is a weak, depressing-looking bean pole... and a dude!! He introduced himself as Ono, but even though he followed him all the way to his work, he said "Forget about it," and became timid and negative. What was with that bold confession!? The touching love of a scaredy-cat boy and his audacious superior! Other cute stories are also included!


Yaoi Fairytales - Imaginary Tales for Young Females "Little Red Ridinghood" Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Comic Hot

Little Red Riding Hood loves his grandmother very much, and delivers food to her house every week. But lately a strange figure has been appearing in her house... it's a handsome human-loving wolf! The wolf has become attached to the family like a dog, but Red Riding Hood is suspicious and doesn't let down his guard. But one day, the wolf stops coming. Red Riding Hood feels his absence like a hole and his heart, and when he finds a wounded wolf in the woods, he...

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