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Innocent Love - A Beginner in Love & a Handsome Prince (Current ch. 3) Comic


"Get involved with the star you're assigned to, and you're fired." After 43 interviews, Wakana finally get her dream job as a manager for a major talent agency. She dreams of getting to know people as a manager... finally meeting a hot guy, and then... This should have been the first step towards her goal, but... newly-hired managers start out in the AV department. "...The Animal Video department? What's that?" Wakana's thoughts come to a halt. The conversation goes on, and finally the star she'll be taking charge of is introduced. It's that handsome prince who made her cum for the first time.


Hot Voice -Vocal Sex with a Handsome Voice Actor- Comic


"Show me more of your face in pleasure..." Whispering into my ear like that makes me so wet down there... Seika is a proud, normal office lady with a cute and great singing voice. One day, she meets a handsome man who happens to be a voice actor! A handsome, bespectacled voice actor... He's too good to be true!! Hearing him talk dirty in that erotic voice and being rubbed down there by his fingers is enough to make me cum...! Seika struggles to catch handsome voice-actor Yuto's attention. And in order to be with him, Seika becomes a voice actress herself.

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