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Any Questions? Comic

After her pet cat was discovered, Kana was kicked out of her university dormitory. As she contemplated where to stay that night, she somehow ends up living with a university professor! Through a mutually beneficial arrangement, they decide to live together. Living with a super difficult, super stubborn science professor has its ups and downs. But the professor's handsome smile soon starts playing with Kana's feelings...


A Drop of Love [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Karen's mom got remarried, and her stepfather's son is her teacher... one she's not a big fan of, either. To make matters worse, they're going to start living together in Japan since her mom and new dad are moving to America! Karen feels nervous... and sometimes excited as her secret double life with her teacher begins.


Boyfriend Empire Comic

My classmate, Mario Hourai, is reserved, serious and quiet. But the face underneath that mask is a pompous tease...... And he has a secret underground room beneath the school! "Don't tell anyone what you've seen here." No one knows his true nature. Being with him is exciting, and the closer I get, the more my heart pounds...... I want to know everything about him, but his heart remains a mystery......


I Love You so Much I Could Eat You! Comic

Chiko and her boyfriend Midori are in the middle of a fight. She's worried because they haven't spoken to each other since they argued, but she doesn't want to be the one to start talking to him. She's dying to see him, but can't be honest with her feelings, so she visits him at work disguised as a customer every day...... This manga is filled with the heart-pounding trouble of girls in love!


Prince of the Twinkling Stars Comic

The constant twinkling melody within Momoha's memory was a gift from a little prince she met as a child... Now, that prince has become a pianist, and has returned from his studies overseas! But he appears to have totally changed! Has he become a playboy who'll go out with any girl? "Please, Ichika! Remember me......!"


Are You My Sweet Honeyboy? Comic

The cute boy known as Yuuki working at a cafe run by all hunks has his own little secret. And that secret is that Yuuki is really a girl named Rinrin Yuuki! She fell madly in love with the owner, Kuse, the moment she met him and decided to go undercover as a boy and work with him! Her plan was to get close to him but he is super strict with her at work and just doesn't seem to be all that interested in her boy-persona, Yuuki. She wonders just how she can get her feelings across to him! This is a collection of the pure love series about the cross-dressing girl Rinrin and her sweeter than honey love story!

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