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Attack on Dicktan! -There's a Monster in My Pants!- Comic

AuthorKei Kisaki

A sexy, smart, and successful Takumi finds himself at the top of the food chain. His life is set when he's hired by a top-tier firm... Or at least, that's what he thought. Turns out, this elite company is a gigantic collection of guys obsessed with doing it! Greeting clients with an exchange of fluids!? Making sales calls that end in spreading your legs!? Completely nude BDSM shows and outrageously beautiful male "companions"... In the meeting room!? Not to mention, a sadistic colleague who wears an angel's smile to cover up the demon within! Takumi also has something to hide. Something no one must know of... "Look what we have here..." The smirking fallen angel has the power to threaten Takumi's very existence! What else is in store for him...!?


Before I Start a Bad Romance -Mobster Girl Seeks Fake Boyfriend- Comic

AuthorKei Kisaki

"Your nipples are so hard. I knew you were a bad girl, Rin." As the only daughter of a mob family, Rin is fed up with being constantly pressured to accept an arranged marriage by her father. In order to get him off her back, she asks playboy Tohma to pretend to be her boyfriend after he randomly hits on her one day. As soon as he comes home with her, Tohma seems to transform! He forces a kiss on her in the bath, telling her, "It's fine because we're lovers," and makes her dripping wet with his sadistic finger techniques. Additionally, Rin has to deal with guys from her mob family who also want her for themselves. How is she supposed to escape from so many bestial men who want to ravage her? What's gonna happen to her body...!?

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