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I Like Gay Manga, So What? Comic Hot

High-schooler Sena has three problems: he has social anxiety, is a geek, and likes gay manga. He doesn't have any friends, either, except for the popular and good-looking Hayato. They've been friends since they were babies, and although Hayato knows about Sena's taste for gay manga, he doesn't care. But one day, Sena's classmate, Kojima, finds out about the kind of manga Sena likes, and things start getting awkward between Sena and Hayato... And then Sena thinks about Hayato while masturbating! Even though Sena likes gay manga, he isn't gay himself, or at least that's what he thought!! Other than this naughty romance about a boy who likes gay manga, there's lots of love and loving between a very sexy guy on a swim team and his very cute captain in the dark romance, "He's Stealing My Underwear." Along with shaving private parts in "Playing with Razors", this manga is filled with tons of erotic situations!


Bad-Boy Nanny -Raising a Baby with My Teacher- Comic

He smokes and fights at school... He cooks and cleans at home... Aoi's a girly bad-boy! But, he's looking to shake up his monotonous daily routine. Then, one day, popular teacher Mr. Sawamura blackmails Aoi into moving in with him and taking care of a baby! But is Sawamura really a creepy pervert...? Love and child-rearing, with an age gap!

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