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Say "Ah" and Eat Me Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"He's fresh out of the shower, and I want him. But I can't let him know how I feel......" Touya, a high school student, decided to stay behind in Japan when his parents were transferred overseas. Not wanting his brat-of-a-son living alone, Touya's father sets him up at a friend's house. There he meets Saita, an intellectual-looking businessman with glasses and a penchant for cooking, of all things. What's more, he's a food fetishist who loves to see others eat what he's made. Touya falls for Saita, but now what......!? This is a slapstick story about an odd couple living together.


3 Bananas Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

Yoshihiro, the four-eyed honor student with dreams of becoming a doctor, and Shunji, the ace of the gymnastics team, have been friends since childhood. In high school, they meet Kakeru, an airhead with a soothing presence, and both fall in love. The two promise each other (without consulting Kakeru) that if they were to sleep with him, they would do it together. However, they're unable to contain their desires and go head-to-head putting the moves on Kakeru! And Kakeru, who rejects their advances at first, feels flustered by their passion...... When will the three young "bananas" get peeled into adulthood......!?

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