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Secret Thorns Comic

Sly and sexy Hisahara is a hotshot writer who always runs the show! But what will happen when his ex-lover, the soft-spoken Uruno, signs on as his editor? Should the pair fan the flames they put out a year before... or leave the ashes alone?


Entangled Circumstances Comic

Shibui has a problem with his job. It's not the stress of working for a magazine, or dealing with angry bosses it's having to work with Himeko, the most popular guy in the company and the bane of Shibui's existence. The two were once best friends in university, but a dramatic confession drove them apart. Now Shibui has to work with the one man he never wanted to see again. Can he get away? Should he get away? And either way, will Himeko let him? "Entangled Circumstances" follows the chase between predator and prey... in the savage environment of the 9-to-5 office block! Hapless loser Shibui and charming "prince" Himeko will have to survive hangovers, boring business dinners, gossiping co-workers and their own painful past together if they have any hope of working things out. Will Himeko's pursuit end in some mutual satisfaction? And will Shibui get over his own fear and take a chance on love?


Shameful Body Comic

Yoshie is an extremely cheerful high schooler. He regularly visits the chiropractic run by the father of his friend mikawa. Mikawa is quiet and emotionless, but popular with the girls. Rumor has it that he tells girls he'll teach them about chiropractics, then drags them into his room... Because of that, Yoshie didn't really like Mikawa all that much, until one day, he ends up getting a massage from Mikawa! And right after the massage starts, he says "I want to tease you a little!" This is a slightly dangerous youth love story!

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