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Do I Have to Be Good in Bed? Comic

"You suck in bed!" Those words hurled at Momoka by her ex have made her terrified of relationships. But, when a big-shot in her office, Mr. Mochizuki, asks her out, she works up the courage to begin a relationship... "Can you love me even if I'm bad in bed?" Brought to climax in the storage room and the elevator, can Momoka conquer her fears and feel true pleasure in Mr. Mochizuki's embrace...?


Night Hunting Village -Trap of $1000 a Day and Aphrodisiac Herbs- Comic

I shouldn't have come to a village like this......!! Ayu visits a village to do a high-paying part-time job. But there she discovers the village's secret custom...... She's told that she'll be ravaged for three nights to have children with villagers!! Masaki, the dog trainer, saves her from two men...... But he suddenly kisses her and starts touching her! She wants him to stop but her body can't help reacting to his touch....... A sweet scent makes her dizzy and her body feel warm!! No, stop!! If you keep touching me like this... I'm gonna...! The kidnapper's order is to have a threesome with her boyfriend and her ex!? "Forced Threesome in Bonds -A Rule Absolute-" is also included in this volume.


Sensual Matchmaking Party Comic

"You're drenched and you still play this 'no, oh no' game?" To try and change my boring self, I, Chihiro, decided to participate in a matchmaking party. However, the man sitting next to me on the bus taking us to the meeting starts molesting me. He rubs all my sweet spots, making me cum... Wait, what? This tour is only for people who aim to be sexually compatible!? I'm such a klutz; I applied without knowing. Yuuki, the man sitting next to me, kindly explains everything. Those who want to bail out of this obscene gathering have to pay a fine of over $8000. Somehow, with Yuuki by my side I feel I can persevere. But wait! I have to partner with another man if he can make me come more times than Yuuki...!? What will become of me!?


A Taste of Adultery Comic

Noriko is having an affair with Akito, the married manager of a bar. Despite her guilt, she can't hold back her feelings for him. Unlike other boyfriend's she's had, the older and more experienced Akito is an addictingly creative and electrifying lover, and she's hooked on the thrill. But cheating is cheating...... and she knows that they can never truly be together. Will she stay with him because she loves him, or break up with him for that very same reason......? After tasting illicit love, what will Riko do?


I Love You ...But I'll Kill You [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


She kills the man she loves while they're doing "it?!" After repeated guidance, Riana's body is developed into that of a nympho's... She's never known true love. Riana lives as an assassin, and to her, feelings of romance don't exist... or so she thought. Then, for the first time ever, she falls in love with someone. But it can't be... no... he's her target?! What will happen to her tragic love?!

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