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Egotistical Fortune-Telling [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

A friend with benefits. That's all Nakura was supposed to be. We have the best sex ever, but we don't get along at all, and plus, he's not really my type. Our realationship so far has been comforable, but I want a real boyfriend. So, I do a little fortune-telling and wallah! It gives me the perfect result! Nakura keeps nagging me about it and so I swear to find my Mr. Perfect just to get back at him, but...


The Lovestruck Host and His Lying Lady Comic

Misaki just got dumped by her boyfriend. To cheer her up, her coworker takes her out to a host club, where a young host, Mizuru, puts the moves on her, saying, "I feel like we were destined to be, Misaki." Misaki never wants to see his flashy, shallow face again, but soon they meet in the most unexpected place...


How a Mean Guy Falls in Love Comic

Capable Matsumoto is a hunky gentleman who has a great reputation at work. Dubbed "Desirable Bachelor No. 1," he's nice to everyone, but is always picking on his colleague, Megumi, and teasing her. Frustrated with the treatment she's been receiving, Megumi has come to hate him. But Matsumoto's sadistic side starts to get even worse: "I want to be mean to you and make you cry." A first comic containing the title work and other love stories that promises to stimulate and satisfy readers.

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